A loyal group of business partners can increase your indirect sales. Imagine the bump you could get if collaborating with those important partners were as easy as collaborating with your internal teams. With Chatter, you can work closely with partners in real time: sharing sales information and following joint processes. Chatter makes it easy to build and manage a loyal partner community.


Pick the right partners

With a compelling partner portal branded to look like an extension of your Web site, you’ll easily recruit and accept partners that meet your channel objectives. With the easy-to-deploy portal, you can qualify, on-board, train, and track partner progress all in one system.

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Know who’s performing and who’s not

The Sales Cloud’s easy-to-use tools give you full visibility into your channel performance and help you effectively manage your partners to make them more productive and more vested in your success.

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Share information instantly and securely

With the revolutionary new Salesforce to Salesforce service, you’ll securely share information with your partners in real time. Connecting with partners is as easy as connecting with people on LinkedIn: You’ll instantly share leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, and tasks.

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Increase close rates with real-time collaboration

Your channel managers are in the driver’s seat with Meanwhile, your partners have all the tools and resources they need to sell more effectively and avoid channel conflict. Partners can register deals, manage their leads and customer accounts, and provide updates in just a few clicks.

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Drive new business through your partners

Manage multichannel marketing campaigns that leverage all of your channel partners and give you the most bang for your marketing buck. Your partners will be consistently “on message” because they have immediate access to company, product, and program communications and collateral.

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Sell better with community-driven insight

A self-service community site gives your partners the opportunity to easily share ideas and best practices with each other, while providing actionable insight back to you. Use your partners’ ideas and feedback to develop more effective partner programs and to build greater loyalty.

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