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    The AppExchange is the world’s leading business app marketplace. AppExchange apps are customized for Salesforce and extend Salesforce to every department and every industry under the sun. It’s a proven ecosystem of apps, with millions of installs and thousands of customer reviews to help you find the best match for your business. AppExchange apps eliminate risk and save time by helping you find the best tools that integrate with Salesforce and increase your team’s productivity and company’s growth.


  • Three easy steps to get you started.

    1. Visit the AppExchange. Search and find apps.
    2. Click “Get It Now” to install and add the app to your org.
    3. Configure the app in your org.

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AppExchange for Components

Create your own apps with components.

AppExchange for Components

Lightning Exchange

Where you once needed a developer to create components from scratch with code, now anyone can use pre-built components and compose an app with those components in no time. The Lightning Exchange provides a powerful array of components built by Salesforce Labs and Salesforce partners, making it easy for developers, partners, and customers to find and use components to build apps and pages fast.

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