Run your business from your wrist.

Wave Analytics for Apple Watch 

Gain incredible insights in just a glance.

Access the most relevant, timely data in seconds. Swipe to see dashboards, explore with lenses or use Handoff to work seamlessly between Apple Watch and iPhone. And use Voice Search to surface a report, view a dashboard, or find other vital information in seconds.

Get started with the Wave Analytics mobile app

Get started with the Wave Analytics mobile app now.

Analytics mobile app

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Analytics Lens

Analytics at a Glance

Analytics Voice Dictation

Salesforce1 for Apple Watch 

Receive instant, personal updates across your business.

Salesforce1 for Apple Watch keeps you in the know like never before. Get real-time alerts, so you always know when key deals close, cases have been escalated, or major goals have been reached. And sync with your employee community, post by post.

Get started with the Salesforce1 Mobile App

Get started with the Salesforce1 Mobile App now.

Salesforce1 Mobile App

Sales Notifications

Service Notifications

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Community Notifications

Authenticator for Apple Watch 

Make apps more secure with two-factor authentication.

With Authenticator for Apple Watch, it's easy to add extra login security to Salesforce and other enterprise apps. Get your verification code in the app or even faster as a Glance.

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Salesforce Wear for Apple Watch 

Build Apple Watch apps for anyone and anything.

Now it's easy to create apps for Apple Watch that connect customers, partners, employees, and products in entirely new ways. Plus, you get all the identity, security and other shared services of the Salesforce1 Platform starting from the very first line of code.

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Special research report: Putting Wearables to Work.

See how companies are using wearables to transform their business today.

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