Salesforce CRM - the world's Number One Lead Management Software.

The world's most powerful Cloud Computing Technology delivers fully scalable Lead Management and Lead Tracking.

Your management and sales team can share critical information in real time with colleagues in Marketing and Customer Service. The solution is focused lead management software with cutting edge, sophisticated capabilities that turns prospects into sales and closes deals.

Lead Generation Software with Salesforce CRM: Your Key to New Business

Salesforce Australia's CRM software optimises lead management and delivers consistent lead tracking and distribution across sales and marketing.

Managers and reps can easily monitor enquiries and route qualified leads to the right salespeople at the right time. Sales reps always have quick access to the hottest leads, with a more complete view of their prospects and customers.

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Easier Lead Capture Online. Salesforce Australia leads the world in sales force automation and lead generation software that can automatically transfer website leads into Salesforce CRM, build forms and return a personally tailored response to a prospect.

Import Wizards. Consolidate sales lead management by quickly importing leads from trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and other offline sources. Ditch obsolete manual data entry and lead tracking forever!

Lead Search and Merge. Use Salesforce CRM's lead management software to help your reps access all prior interactions with a prospect for better preparation. Easily merge duplicate leads with existing sales leads, contacts, and accounts, dovetailing your lead management with 21st century ease.

Automatic Lead Routing. Set up lead queues and assignment rules to automatically send leads to the right sales organisation or rep - customised to the way you and your industry does business.

Security Controls. Restrict reps to accessing leads exclusively in their own territories, with the ability to manually share specific contacts with other users.

Lead tracking that keeps every prospect alive

Track your Lead History. Salesforce lead management software lets you monitor each step of the way, from lead creation to conversion. Harness the power of the virtual Salesforce servers to guarantee Australian legal compliance and a full audit trail of modifications. The whole lead management process is fully documented in the cloud!

Bespoke Lead Management. Efficient lead management requires consistent and effective methodology. You can easily customise Salesforce CRM to create distinct qualification processes, page displays and custom lead fields.

Lead conversion. With Salesforce CRM you can convert qualified leads to all-important sales opportunities with a single click. You can also notify field sales reps when deals are assigned to them.

Powerful Email Prospecting. The Salesforce lead management software delivers superb lead-generation capabilities. Your reps can quickly create and send personalised, high-impact, templated email messages to large numbers of prospects - and track responses with freedom and ease.

Powerful Lead Management offers the most comprehensive tracking ever – and turns leads into deals. Close deals in the cloud – join the Social Enterprise!


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Marketing and leads

With the Sales Cloud™ marketing and sales come together: It's your command center for managing and tracking campaigns across all channels—including social media—from lead capture to close. Now you can make smarter decisions about where to invest and show the impact of your marketing activities on your company's bottom line.


Track results across channels

Track the results of marketing campaigns across a variety of channels—from online ads to social media—from a single application. Finally, you get a consolidated view of campaign spending and performance.

All your email marketing, in one place

The Sales Cloud includes tools and templates to easily build, manage, and track email blasts to get your message out and create new leads.

Easily bring leads directly into Salesforce

With just a few clicks, you can capture leads from any source or quickly build landing pages on your Web site to create leads directly in Salesforce so your sales team can respond in minutes.

Focus on your best leads

All leads are not created equal. Automated lead scoring ensures that sales reps spend their time on the most qualified leads.

Hand-off qualified leads seamlessly

With the Sales Cloud, automated lead routing ensures that leads always get to the right sales rep and never fall through the cracks.