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CMO Show

Listen to Lee Hawksley, Senior VP at Salesforce, talk about the evolution of the marketing industry and the role of artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and the Internet of Things in crafting a personalised customer experience.
November 2016

Guide to Effective Email List and Marketing Management

Despite social media, instant messaging, video chat and all the other communications innovations of recent years, email and email marketing are as relevant today as they have ever been. See how you can optmise this channel.
November 2016

4 Qualities of the Best Marketing Leaders

Listen to Tim Kopp, Venture Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, former CMO of ExactTarget, talk about what makes a modern marketing leader. Being a visionary and creating a winning culture is just the start. Find out more.
November 2016

Welcome to the World of Intelligent Marketing and Analytics with Salesforce Einstein

Learn about one of Salesforce's biggest announcements at Dreamforce - Salesforce Einstein. Einstein is able to analyse what is happening in your CRM right now, in real time but can also make a prediction about what will happen. Find out more.
November 2016

Dreamforce Marketing Keynote

Your customers expect personalised content on every channel — a 1-to-1 relationship with your brand in which every touchpoint connects seamlessly. Only one solution helps marketers deliver and exceed customer expectations.
November 2016

The Future of Advertising

The scattergun approach to digital advertising is dead. In its place, customers who provide data to marketers expect personalised experiences, and reward them with higher click-throughs, increased ROI, and lower CPM. Find out more.
October 2016

How to Build Customer Loyalty with a Customer Community

Today’s customers are empowered and prefer to solve their own problems. Through real life case studies, this eBook shows you how to build a customer community to contribute to overall customer journey and satisfaction rating.
October 2016

4 Email Practices of Marketing Masters

88% of marketers say that a customer journey strategy is critical to the success of their overall marketing. Email is key to this and there are 4 ways to maximise effectiveness. See what successful marketing teams are already doing!
October 2016

The Business Leader's Guide to Becoming a Social Business

For a while, it was assumed that social media was a marketing tactic only appropriate for B2C companies and not relevant to B2B. This eBook summarises 3 key social marketing techniques specific for B2B marketers. Find out more.
October 2016

How to Boost Foot Traffic To Your Stores with Mobile and Location Marketing

Listen to this podcast where Jeff Rohr, CMO of Yext, guides you through the latest in mobile and location-based marketing and how a combination of SEO and beacons have transformed the way retail businesses bring footfall to their doors
October 2016

Empowered Shopper Report

Retailers that want to be successful must bolt their digital strategy firmly to their sales and service processes. Customers are incredibly savvy and understand what they want and what is possible. See what 650 Australian shoppers think.
September 2016

State of Marketing 2016

Want to see into the future of marketing? In the third iteration of this annual survey, see what nearly 4,000 global marketing leaders thought about the next wave in marketing and implications for you and your organisation for staying on top.
September 2016

3 Crucial LinkedIn Tips for B2B Content Marketers

In this Marketing Cloudcast, the team is joined by Jason Miller, LinkedIn’s Global Content Marketing Leader. If you want to better understand how to use the content power of LinkedIn to influence your audience listen to this insightful podcast
September 2016

The Mobile Idea File

Evidence confirms that the vast majority of marketing content is consumed on a mobile device however marketers compete with so many other brands for very limited attention. Find out about the 4 essential pillars to your mobile marketing strategy
September 2016

Tips for Email Marketers to Make a Lasting Impression

One of the greatest challenges in digital marketing is to craft cold lead email campaigns that cut through the noise. But, if that first touch doesn’t strike a chord, the bridge is burned. See these email tips to make a lasting impression
September 2016

Marketing Cloudcast: A Close Look at Disney’s Customer Journey

Disney is one of the ultimate marketing companies of all time. Disney knows how to personalise experiences, messages, and merchandise for every age and interest. In this podcast learn about lifecycle marketing strategies that apply to every brand.
August 2016

Why Your Influencer Marketing Sucks (But Doesn't Have To)

The first paid, branded tweets may have been just five or six years ago, but influencer campaigns on social media channels have already evolved to include more storytelling and sophisticated content. Learn more on some of the best practices.
August 2016

Video Advertising Report (Advertiser Perceptions)

The Video Advertising Report provides insights into where the advertising dollars are being spent, the reasons why, and who’s controlling the purse strings. More than 50 digital media brands and television networks are featured. Learn more.
August 2016

25 Best Practices to Drive Mobile Engagement in 2016

Looking to increase your mobile subscriber list and drive engagement with mobile email, SMS/MMS, group messaging and push notifications? Get the top 25 tips for engaging customers with mobile on their terms. It's more than just personalisation!
August 2016

Don't Trip on these Email Marketing Pitfalls

Despite 80% of marketers saying email is core to their business, many marketers still aren’t measuring it correctly and tying it to revenue. In this podcast, learn about the common pitfalls of email marketing, especially around measurement.
August 2016

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