Sales Performance Management

Manage sales performance with through better coaching, motivation, and team alignment. Improve consistency and close more deals as you work within Salesforce.

Drive sales performance with

  • Motivate and coach reps using results-driven metrics.

    Motivate and coach your sales team directly within Salesforce. Use coaching to help more reps achieve quota every month. And recognise your top performers publicly, showcasing what they’re doing to win deals.

  • Tie goals directly to Salesforce data.

    Having all your sales data inside Salesforce allows you to create goals that are tied directly to Salesforce reports. This makes it easy to track and measure progress as you move through the month, quarter, and year.

  • Collaborate with people company-wide.

    Successful selling involves collaboration across the organisation. Salesforce provides a Chatter feed on every account and contact record, allowing you to share insights, relevant documents, and more.

  • Simplify performance summaries with drag-and-drop actions.

    Focus on selling, not paperwork. You can easily evaluate performance of your people whenever they choose – after completing a month, quarter, project, or goal.


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