Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC)

Distribution & Retail

Creating account plans, setting objectives and orchestrating solutions rather than products and services is only possible with the right tools and when sales reps know what’s going on, from every angle.

Livestock firm tags Sales Cloud for sales drive


  • Legacy systems failed to provide a unified view of customer engagement.
  • Customers get frustrated when the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is up to.
  • LIC believed a unified customer system was critical to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved customer workflow and knowledge sharing would also encourage more consultative selling.


  • chosen for its focus, click-and-go delivery and ease of SAP integration.
  • 180 Sales Cloud licenses and 110 Chatter licenses activated.


  • No more blind spots – everyone knows what's going on the minute things change
  • SAP integration unites customer orders, invoicing and fulfilment, with customer contact and workflow
  • Chatter supports rapid "call to arms" for special projects
  • Increased cross and up-selling

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