Financial Services


Transform client and employee relationships

To compete today, financial services companies of all kinds must connect with employees and clients on a deeper level. New technologies like mobile and social provide a powerful opportunity to listen and engage with clients and intermediaries, and exceed everyone’s expectations. The results: higher-value services and a fiercely loyal customer base.



Engage in new ways

Financial products and services are growing increasingly complex. Giving consumers easy access to information and answers from the right people reduces frustration and saves time (and after all, time is money). CGU Insurance connects the underwriters that develop products with the business development managers that sell them, and provides a single view of business information. Sales representatives engage with partners on iPads and access up-to-the-minute data wherever they are.
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Delight clients, employees, and intermediaries

Today, “good customer service” isn’t enough. To outpace the competition, you have to delight customers by connecting them to your brand and to each other in new and powerful ways. Like E*TRADE, who built a community portal connecting like-minded investors with each other to share ideas, knowledge, and investment strategies across customer social networks.