Building a 21st century government

Governments at every level are transforming to work better than ever for the public and engage citizens wherever they are. Openness, transparency, and collaboration are the order of the day—but so are speed, scalability, and affordability. Now is the time to build the 21st century government your citizens deserve.

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Vivek Kundra, EVP,

Engage constituents on their terms

Constituents are going social, discussing government in the new public town square online. It’s time to revolutionize how citizens engage with their government and bring these voices in. Answer questions and make improvements—together. Use social media to bring the voice of constituents and partners back into government.




Disrupt bureaucracy and boost productivity

Smart agencies are dramatically boosting productivity with a private and secure internal social network. The results: everything from locating and leveraging staff expertise wherever it resides to collaborative problem solving with other agencies and partners.