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Sell smarter. Sell faster.
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Get to Know the Lightning Experience

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Sell smarter. Sell faster. Sell the way you want.


Ready to transform how you use Salesforce?

Learn if you are ready to make the move to Lightning Experience and the key steps for rollout.

Game Plan

Learn. Prepare. Engage.

Here’s your game plan to jump-start a new way to sell.
Scroll down to explore or download the pdf here.

step 1



Watch our videos

Sit back, relax, and watch videos on the top new features in Lightning Experience and its revamped CRM user interface, and get a view of an experience you’re going to love.

Visit Trailhead

visit trailhead

Trailhead gives you hands-on experience with guided, step-by-step directions covering key Salesforce topics. Plus, you get to earn badges. Check out the Lightning Experience topics for migration, admins, developers, and sales reps.


review features

Compare what Lightning Experience offers to what you’re currently implementing with the Deciding if Lightning Experience Is Right For You Trailhead unit. Then take a look at the roadmap to see where Lightning Experience will take you next.


use it yourself

Test drive Lightning Experience by enabling it in your sandbox or signing up for a Developer edition.

step 2



Analyze Your Org

Perform a readiness assessment to compare supported and unsupported features, define work-arounds, and identify stakeholders. We’re here to help you with a customer enablement pack and Lightning Experience Considerations help page.

rollout strategy

Develop Rollout Strategy

Create training, marketing, and communication plans, and a rollout schedule. Don’t worry, this Trailhead rollout module takes you through the process.


Discuss in our Success Community

Join the Release Readiness & Feature Adoption group on the Success Community to learn and share from fellow Lightning Experience users and admins.

step 3


prepare your team

Prepare Your Team

Ensure that the right users get the right access and help for Lightning Experience. Download the customer enablement pack to get sample emails and presentations ready to send to users.

Turn it on

Turn It On

You made it! Enable Lightning Experience for users and enjoy the awesome.

Game Plan

Ten things to know about Lightning Experience


Lightning Experience is a completely reimagined experience packed with powerful new features and enhancements. Even better, it’s built on our UI platform, so the experience can grow and evolve with your needs.


Lightning Experience is generally available for all editions at no additional cost.


Check out the powerful features and enhancements that make Lightning Experience the go-to interface for selling smarter and faster. Compare Lightning Experience to Salesforce Classic and view the roadmap to figure out if it is the right time. Remember that your users can always access features not yet supported in Lightning Experience by switching to Salesforce Classic.


We are continuing to innovate on the Lightning Experience. Check out new features like Kanban on Leads, Campaigns and Contracts.


Admins can enable the Lightning Experience at either the org level or at the user or profile level for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance editions. Regardless of edition, users can toggle between Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic at anytime using the profile menu.


You can continue to use Salesforce Classic. There’s no timeline for end of life.


Visualforce for Lightning Experience is generally available. Visualforce is fully supported in Lightning Experience..


Create a Custom Lightning Action that invokes a Lightning Component. This provides the ability to do anything you might have done in a custom button, but using the Lightning Experience user experience paradigm. .


More than 100 Lightning Ready apps are available on AppExchange, and that number grows daily. Lightning Ready means no compromises in features or functionality, plus a look and feel that’s right at home in Lightning Experience. Quickly find these apps by the Lightning Ready sash on the listings or with the Lightning Ready filter. Also, you can use apps without Lightning Ready certification in Lightning Experience, but some features aren’t available or don’t work as expected.


Most existing customizations don’t need to change in our new CRM Web UI. Some customizations don’t apply or need to be updated to take advantage of all that Lightning Experience has to offer.

Road map

The Lightning Experience Roadmap

Salesforce Lightning Experience was built on feedback from more than 150,000 customers. And now that it’s live, we’ve been collecting your ideas, comments, and requests to help us drive Lightning Experience forward. Here are some features and ideas we’re working on.

Our forward-looking statement applies to this roadmap.
Because roadmap items can change at any time, make your purchasing decisions based on currently available technology.

Winter 2017

Top Lightning features delivered in Winter ’17

  • Predictive Lead Score (Pilot)
  • Salesforce Engage in Lightning
  • Quotes, Contracts, and Campaign Influence
  • Kanban on Leads, Campaigns, and Contracts
  • Lightning Open CTI
  • Case Record Home
  • Email Authoring/Attachments
  • Lightning Knowledge (Closed Pilot)
  • Trial Experience (Closed Demo)
  • Company Information for Accounts (Perpetual and Real-time Clean)
  • Duplicate Detect and Merge for Leads
  • Role Hierarchy in Reports
  • Drill Down on Filtered Dashboard to Filtered Report
  • Leaderboard Table Pictures and Conditional Highlighting
  • All Orgs Upgraded to Enhanced/Lightning Charts in Salesforce1 Mobile App
Spring 2017

Top Lightning features to be delivered in Spring ’17

  • Lightning for Gmail
  • Opportunity Insights
  • Sales Console
  • Forecasting
  • Lightning Setup Flows and Setup Home
  • Lightning Knowledge and Knowledge Sidebar (Beta)
  • Social Interactions from the Feed
  • Account Hierarchy
  • Dupe Detect and Merge for Accounts and Contacts
  • Dupe Management for Person Accounts
  • Report Subscriptions and Scheduling
  • Dynamic Report Filters via URL Parameters
  • Dashboard Accessibility
  • Post Charts to Chatter and Follow Dashboards
  • Quip Integration with Files Connect
  • Einstein Recommended Work Streams
  • Direct Messaging in Chatter
  • Einstein Recommendations: People, Content, and Sentiment
  • Smart and Faceted Search
  • Live Feed Everywhere

Here are some new features we’ll be adding in the next few releases.

Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud

  • Contact Hierarchy
  • Path
  • Territory Forecasts
  • Recommended Connections
  • Account Insights
  • Assessments for Vendor Data
  • Dupe Detect and Merge for Person Accounts
  • Dupe Merge from List Views
Service Cloud


  • Macros
  • Simple Setup Across the Product
  • Console Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Live Agent and Omni
Reports and Dashboards Icon

Reports and Dashboards

  • Report Builder
  • Dashboard Subscriptions and Scheduling
  • Edit Filtered Dashboards
  • Mobile Layouts for Dashboards
Developers & Partners

Need more information?

We’ve set up communities where you can find the answers you need, fast.

Winter '16


If you’re a developer, here’s some relevant information you’ll need to know before and while you run Lightning Experience. Don’t worry. Nothing scary in here.



If you’re one of our partners, check out our communities to find more information about Lightning Experience and what to expect from those who are already running it.