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What is the Salesforce Architect Academy?

Salesforce Architects are the masterminds behind high-performing technical solutions. As our customer base expands, and new products and features are introduced, demand for Architects has never been higher.

The new Architect Academy certification program is designed to build an ecosystem of Salesforce Architects, and promote and recognize their skills and specializations. By categorizing the academy into three tiers — Technical Architect, Domain Architect, and Domain Specialist — it allows individuals to go deeper into areas that best support their needs and expertise.


Architect Academy Catalog

$399.99 per domain or purchase all nine domains for $2,499.99.

Three Levels of Salesforce Expertise

The new Architect Academy offers three tiers of certification, designed to recognize and promote your skills and specializations.

Domain Specialist (New)

Salesforce Certified Domain Specialists are recognized for their knowledge and expertise on particular domains within the Architect Academy.

Domain Architect
(Coming soon)

A Salesforce Certified Domain Architect certification spans multiple roles, and recognizes broad and deep architecture expertise across a number of domains.

Technical Architect

Salesforce Certified Technical Architects demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and capabilities to build and design high-performance technical solutions on the platform across all Architect Academy domains.

Domain Specialist Architect Catalog

The path to achieving your Domain Specialist Certification begins by investing in one or more of the nine Domain Specialist packages. The content in each package was exclusively developed by Salesforce Certified Technical Architects so you can learn, grow, and become an expert in your domain. Browse the Domain Specializations below to learn more.

Development Lifecycle
Application Architecture
Apex Visualforce Architect
Sharing and Visibility
Integration Architecture
Data Architecture and Management
Identity Access Management
Mobile Strategy Architecture
Communities Architecture