Our Observations: Areas of Opportunity

Accelerating the pace of growth of our underrepresented minority population (Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and Multiracial). Underrepresented Minorities represent 10.5% — up 0.3% from last year.
Increasing Women and Underrepresented Minorities* in Tech roles.
Improving representation in leadership for Women and People of Color.**
Gaining broader voluntary Self-ID representation data for Veterans, LGBTQ+ and People with Disabilities. 

Leading with Data

Our senior leaders are empowered monthly with a scorecard detailing the headcount, hiring, attrition, and promotion data by Gender (Global) and Race (U.S). We pair our largest organizations with an Equality Board made up of their Recruiting, Employee Success, Equality partners, and senior leaders to drive prescriptive actions based on data.

Investing in Development

We are investing in empowering our future diverse leaders with two new initiatives – our Equality Mentorship program and a partnership with the Executive Leadership Council on an in-house program focused on underrepresented minorities.

Empowering our Equality Groups

Our Equality Groups are employee-led organizations to support our underrepresented communities. The leaders are on the front lines of Equality, driving progress together as volunteers. Our employees receive 56 hours a year to volunteer — time spent leading this important work counts toward their hours.  We encourage everyone to participate as allies to build empathy, learn, and stand up for their colleagues.

Adopting Inclusive Practices

To ensure that everyone has access to opportunities and feels reflected in our company — we are committed to fair, equitable, and inclusive business processes. This includes our commitment to Equal Pay for Equal Work, our new Office of Accessibility, and empowering our employees with Inclusive Business Practices (i.e., Inclusive Hiring, Inclusive Leadership, Inclusive Marketing, and more.)

Invest in Education

We have invested $67.4 million to San Francisco and Oakland Public schools and over $90 million worldwide.

Advocate for Equal Rights

We advocated for LGBTQ+ Equality in places like Indiana, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas, and Australia.

Cultivate Supplier Diversity

We also are committed to giving access to diverse business owners and vendors through our Supplier Diversity & Inclusion program.

Established an Office of Accessibility

We strive to be Trailblazers in ensuring accessibility, from our products to workplaces, through our new Office of Accessibility.

Lead with Ethical and Humane Use

We established an Office of Ethical and Humane Use as part of our Office of Equality to help ensure our products are developed and used in a way that is ethical and upholds the fundamental human rights of every individual.

Adopt Workforce Development Programs

We believe in widening access to the tech industry by training and enabling the diverse workforce of tomorrow through various workforce development programs. These efforts include; our Pathfinder program in partnership with Deloitte, Salesforce Military, Futureforce, Trailhead, and our partnership with external programs, including Year Up and Genesys Works.

Our Equality Champions

Our employees are at the center of everything we do. We strive to honor and elevate every employee leading change within our business, industry, and society. As we hear some of their stories, we are reminded of the power of representation and belonging.

Our Equality Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups, or Equality Groups as we call them, are employee-led organizations that build community, educate allies, and drive Equality.

Our annual EEO-1 Report is available for download below, representing employees as of 2018. The EEO-1 Report is a snapshot in time of our U.S. demographics and based on categories prescribed by the federal government. These categories are not necessarily representative of how our industry or workforce is organized. The information provided on our Equality page is a more accurate representation of our progress toward diversity.

To align with U.S. government reporting requirements, data on this website uses traditional gender categories of male and female. Salesforce deeply respects that gender is non-binary; reporting in this manner should not represent our position on the issue. 

Note: Totals may not add to 100% due to rounding. 

Download Employer Information EEO-1 Report.

More Information and Definitions:

*Underrepresented Minorities (URM) refers to ethnic or racial groups whose population is disproportionate to the population in society. In the U.S., we are referring to Black, Latinx, Native American, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, and Multiracial employees.

**People of Color refer to anyone who does not identify as white, including Black, Latinx, Asian/Indian, Indigenous, and Multiracial employees.