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"Salesforce meets our complex security needs and allows multiple service processes to coexist seamlessly."

Leticia Y. McCollum
Senior Manager, Business Reporting

Salesforce helps Chicago Housing Authority connect clients with the services they need

It’s harder than ever for families in need of affordable housing to find a place to live. The Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) provides federally subsidized housing, and administers vouchers for renting in the private market. It also connects tenants with employment, education, and supportive services to help them move toward economic independence. To strengthen case management and service coordination between multiple service provider agencies and business partners, the CHA turned to Salesforce.

The CHA began using Salesforce when its Resident Services Division launched a custom case management app — built with Salesforce App Cloud — to support contracted service providers. The app helps set goals for families and match them to services that will help improve their lives. It stores and displays data on services provided, including needs assessments, reading and math competency testing, employment skills training, job placement, and more. “Complex permissions ensure that the right information is shared with the right people—and sensitive information stays private,” says Leticia Y. McCollum, Senior Manager of Business Reporting.

CHA’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program also uses Salesforce. Service Cloud supports customer service agents fielding approximately 2,000 calls each day from applicants for CHA’s programs, property owners that rent to CHA’s voucher recipients, or the general public. “We work to answer every call within two minutes,” says Russell Leslie, System Administrator. “Salesforce helps us get callers the information they need—fast.” Integration with Cisco automatically places Salesforce records on agents’ screens so they can quickly find the data they need. Automated workflows make case assignment and escalation even faster.

The CHA uses Sales Cloud to manage contact information and histories for 50,000+ families who receive a housing subsidy or voucher from the CHA. The agency keeps a record of every inquiry and interaction—all while maintaining the security of highly-sensitive family data. Salesforce integrates with back office systems so it’s easy to share information and keep everything up to date without duplicating efforts. And, with mobile access, CHA employees can help families from anywhere, at any time.

The CHA team is passionate about using technology to transform its work. Salesforce is a major part of the CHA’s innovation efforts. “As a public agency we must always take cost into consideration,” McCollum continues. “The opportunity Salesforce provides for the development of in-house talent (administrators as well as developers) keeps costs down and allows more flexibility in how we manage our programs.”

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