"Salesforce is helping FICO deliver a more satisfying customer experience."

Edgars Sturans
VP, Solution Consulting

FICO improves its customer satisfaction score 15 percent with Salesforce

FICO makes predictive analytics software that helps companies of all sizes and industries acquire and build stronger relationships with their customers. With its big data analytics, credit scoring, and decision management solutions, FICO helps businesses make smarter decisions by deepening their understanding of customers and more accurately anticipating their behavior. When FICO wanted to do a better job of engaging and helping its own customers, it tapped Salesforce.

Although the company handles a small volume of customer inquiries, cases are often complex and require highly trained engineers to resolve. With FICO’s previous customer service solution, limited email integration and automated workflow capability prevented cases from moving quickly toward resolution, and the self-service portal did little to redirect them. It was also challenging for managers to add new metrics on the fly, which sometimes resulted in slower decision-making.

FICO began using Sales Cloud to manage its business-to-business sales efforts and added Service Cloud to quickly turn around global service operations. “We can get metrics and measurements more quickly so our global teams can work faster and more closely together,” explains Edgars Sturans, VP, Solution Consulting. “Initial responsiveness, portal usage, and overall customer experience have all improved. Even better, we don’t need to wait months for IT to make changes—we can drive most within the business.”

For its unique type of complex case handling, FICO built a custom queue manager that automatically routes each case to the correct engineers, and proactively notifies them when their help is needed. It also automated escalations, helping contact center personnel focus on their area of expertise. Other features, like case queuing and email integration, also improved call center efficiency.

A positive result

Today, more than half of FICO’s new cases are created using its Service Cloud portal—up from just 3% with the previous portal. Not only will the new portal increase case redirection and enhance the customer experience, it will also reduce costs.

Overall, since adopting Salesforce, FICO’s average initial response times have decreased significantly, resolution times have improved over 20 percent, and client satisfaction is currently averaging 15 percent higher than before. Sturans says, “Salesforce is scoring very high for FICO’s customer service.”