"Salesforce has helped us scale our business quickly while keeping our employee count manageable."

—Alicia Herald
Founder and CEO

Teachers, students, and communities united

Teacher turnover, a growing problem that impacts millions of students every year, seemingly defies any simple solution. The average city spends over $5 million annually recruiting, onboarding, and moving teachers between schools in what can seem like a never-ending revolving door.

Enter Alicia Herald, founder of myEDmatch. Herald started by asking, “What if there was a way to match teachers to schools and classrooms where they’d thrive?” The answer: a technology that would connect teachers and schools. The technology platform: Salesforce.

“I actually took the idea of online dating and applied it to education. It’s all about finding the perfect fit. We had that ‘a-ha’ moment,” said Herald. “Retention is the key idea motivating my founding myEDmatch. Our idea needed the technological support only Salesforce could provide, including Salesforce Communities. Now, the community itself defines the school profile.”

The overarching goal is for the school communities to have their profiles in front of them in order to review candidates, conduct the interviews, and hire effectively and efficiently. “Each classroom and every student has a specific need,” adds Herald. “With Salesforce we can access and organize detailed data to find the right person to fulfill those needs. The students are inspired, the teachers are rewarded, and we’re growing our business.”

With Salesforce, myEDmatch proves a small team can have a big impact

myEDmatch is unique in that they’re a small team running a software company. “Because we use Salesforce as our backend, we can keep our team small,” adds Herald. “We have one person in Washington D.C., and the rest of us are in St. Louis.”

With Salesforce, even a team small in size can work quickly and stay on target with direct access and the ability to manage a database with every school in the nation. “That is our pipeline,” concludes Herald. “Each school pays to have a profile up and access to the teachers. We currently have nearly 450 paying customers, which range from a single site charter school to a private school to the largest independent school district in Dallas.”

Wherever myEDmatch has been introduced, it’s had a positive impact on teachers and the school community. “Teachers feel like they’re being heard and they finally have the resources to do their job,” says Herald. “Salesforce Communities has helped us make teaching personal again and it’s reignited that connection between teachers and their classrooms that’s so critical to success.”

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