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"With the Salesforce1 Mobile App, we get information into the system faster because inspectors can use it wherever they want, whenever they want."

Sophia Hsu
Director of Technology

Salesforce helps streamline business development

Entrepreneurs can face unexpected challenges when opening the doors of their new businesses. NYC Business Acceleration is a dedicated division focused on helping small businesses to navigate these challenges. Their utmost priority is helping new businesses obtain the necessary licenses, open their doors, and employ New Yorkers. The time spent on business development, economic growth, and job creation has to be fast and efficient. NYC Business Acceleration’s small but devoted team is out to make a difference, and the deployment of Salesforce helps them to be more efficient, accountable, and transparent.

The Salesforce1 Mobile App is providing a huge assist in the field. “The Salesforce1 Mobile App has helped minimize what our team needs to carry along on field consultations and inspections. Everyone is mobile, and information is shared in real time. Overall, a major plus to the City and to businesses,” says Sophia Hsu, Director of Technology.

Inspectors can now get the job done faster

By using the Salesforce1 Mobile App with Visualforce pages, inspections can start in the field and finish back at the office.

“We had a consultant who was a real Visualforce whiz,” adds Hsu. “He developed an app for inspectors to access a list of businesses and associated tasks. It includes action buttons allowing you to view scheduled consultations and inspections by week.”

NYC Business Acceleration helps entrepreneurs and business owners navigate government requirements when they open or during operation. “You have to get through government red tape, rules, and regulations. Establishments need to be safe for New York City residents to visit and patronize,” adds Hsu. “We can track the progress of many types of inspections using Salesforce.”

More than two thousand businesses received the help they needed to open their doors sooner. In fact, the city estimates that businesses using the program opened, on average, 75 days sooner than they otherwise would have just in 2013. That translates to $16 million in additional tax revenue and $85 million in additional sales revenue. Having Salesforce tools in place made the job of every inspector in the field easier by having instant access to shared information.

“The team went with Salesforce because we found it to be the most dynamic and pliable,” concludes Hsu.

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