The Chapar

"With Salesforce, we can keep our services personal and our business model scalable."

Sam Middleton
Founder and CEO

The Chapar delivers a tailor-made service with Salesforce

When Pierre needs a new shirt, he doesn’t have to check his size, he doesn’t have to remember his favorite brand, he doesn’t even have to go to a shop. Thanks to The Chapar and its groundbreaking approach to clothes shopping for men, Pierre simply orders a new trunk that’s filled with clothing specially selected by a personal stylist. And thanks to Salesforce, Pierre’s personal stylist knows exactly what type and size of shirts to send.

The company’s team of stylists uses Sales Cloud to capture a range of information — from a customer’s favorite style of jeans to their occupation. This insight enables stylists to develop a rapport with customers and select clothes that match their personal tastes.

“Salesforce has enabled us to transform the shopping concept,” said Sam Middleton, founder and CEO. “Using Sales Cloud enables us to provide customers with a unique service that many find preferable to shopping online or on High Street.”

The stylists’ creative flair is enhanced by demographic profiling. As Middleton explained: “Using Sales Cloud, the stylists can create reports to determine the most popular clothing items by age range, geography, and profession, which helps them make more informed selections.”

This insight enables The Chapar to increase both customer satisfaction and sales. Since the company was founded in 2012, the trunk retention rate has increased by 25%, and the customer base is doubling every three months. “Salesforce helps us ensure that every interaction with The Chapar is a personal and positive experience for our customers,” said Middleton.

Made-to-measure marketing

As well as helping The Chapar retain existing customers, Salesforce makes it easier for the company to introduce more people to The Chapar Man concept.

The company uses Marketing Cloud to plan, implement, execute, monitor, and analyze its campaigns across multiple channels. “With Marketing Cloud, we can accurately evaluate the effectiveness of different activities and channels, and prioritize those that offer a good return on investment,” Middleton said.

This insight is helping The Chapar reduce the cost of customer acquisition.

As well as helping to plan and evaluate marketing campaigns, Salesforce is also key to general business planning. For example, the management team uses Sales Cloud to identify the most popular products, which helps it order the right stock.

“The real-time data captured in Sales Cloud enables us to see if a particular range isn’t selling well, or if a stylist is struggling to meet their sales targets, and take action,” said Middleton.

Many of these metrics, along with customer data, can be accessed on mobile devices, which helps The Chapar deliver a seamless service to its thousands of customers across Europe.

Salesforce Chatter, an enterprise social networking tool, also helps The Chapar stylists work as a team, even when they are in different locations. As Middleton explained: “Chatter enables the stylists to discuss trends, best-sellers, and new stock, and share their expertise for managing customer relationships.”

As The Chapar continues to develop its business, Middleton expects its use of Salesforce to grow: “Using Salesforce, we can keep our services personal and our business model scalable. Having experienced growth of 650% over the last 12 months, this is vital to the ongoing success of our business.”

The Chapar
The Chapar