"It’s the heartbeat of our business."

Cathy MacDonald
Executive Vice President

Connecting all Canadians with the power of the Internet

Xplornet, Canada's largest rural broadband service provider, believes every Canadian should have access to the transformative benefits of broadband internet — even in hard-to-reach places. This fast-growing company uses fixed-wireless towers and cutting-edge satellites to deliver a national 4G network to more than 225,000 subscribers spread across the vast, largely unpopulated stretches of the world’s second largest country.

Knowing they had to think differently about how to deliver their service, they also thought long and hard about how they wanted to serve their most important asset — their customers. Today, the combination of more than 500 dealers, a 250 person contact center, and instant customer engagement technology allows them to connect to their customers in new ways.

In 2010, it became obvious that they were outgrowing their existing systems. Installations were manually scheduled with dealers. Customer had little visibility into their services or account. And upgrading the speed of a customer’s service took nine applications and 23 minutes on the phone. Xplornet saw the opportunity to change and connect everyone together.

“We knew we were going to grow rapidly, and we needed tools to support our dealers, sales teams and service teams — and put our customers first,” says Cathy MacDonald, Executive Vice President, Information Systems, Billing, and Collections. “We needed a customer engagement platform that we could deploy quickly and allow us to remain agile as our business, customers and market changed. It’s the heartbeat of our business.”

The key to Xplornet’s success is Salesforce App Cloud. App Cloud has allowed Xplornet to transform their business by rapidly integrating and customizing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud across their sales, service, dealer, and customer operations.

For sales teams, Sales Cloud is customized to include service availability and dealer locators, enabling Xplornet to instantly share how they can help the customer select the right service available in their location and schedule their professional installation.

For contact center agents, Service Cloud is the single point of truth, integrated into the billing and provisioning applications, their website, and their customer portals. It has empowered their front-line agents to handle more actions directly, driving up efficiency and ultimately making the customer’s experience more effortless. And it’s changed the process to upgrade your service speed so it’s completed in less than 3 minutes.

Their more than 500 dealers across the country are integral to making the customer experience seamless. Xplornet deployed an online and mobile dealer portal that enabled dealers to collaborate on the scheduled installations, customer notes, look up customer services, and obtain installation or technical support. As well, Xplornet has been able to triple its service orders annually with the new environment.

Xplornet also connects to their customers through their products — their account and service information is confirmed through their first-time activations, ensuring all the billing, contact, and communication preferences are set, providing a seamless experience.

On top of it all, the Salesforce1 apps are mobile; meaning any user or executive has access to their most important functions while they are on the go. “The Salesforce1 Mobile App has been huge because it allows me to run my business from my phone,” says Serge Babin, EVP Operations.