Creating Custom Views

You can create personalized custom views to see a specific set of records in the mobile application. For example, you can create a custom view for high revenue opportunities or accounts in a specific state or industry. Note that the views you create in Salesforce Mobile are not available on the website.

When you create a custom view on your device, that view is stored separately from your data. If you reload your data or upgrade Salesforce Mobile to a new version, the custom views you defined on the device are still available.

  1. Highlight a tab.
  2. Open the menu and select Manage Views.
  3. Open the menu and select New.
  4. In the View Name field, enter a name that describes the custom view, such as “CA Accounts” or “High Revenue Opportunities.”
  5. In the Object drop-down list, select the object for the custom view.
  6. The Display Columns section lets you define what data is displayed in the custom view.
  7. The Display Order section lets you enter sort criteria for the custom view.
  8. The View Filters section lets you define up to five statements that select specific data for the custom view from the local database.
  9. Open the menu and select Save.


    If changes are made to an object field on that you used in your custom view, your custom view will stop working. You must edit the fields in your custom view to match your fields.

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