The best business data
in the #1 sales app isn't just another list. It's fresher, more-accurate B2B data designed to pump insight right into your Salesforce workflow. It's your foundation for success—the DNA of a winning business.


Clean data, always

Managed in the cloud.
Real-time clean.
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Leading business data

Get top-quality B2B data from D&B
and crowd-sourced contacts.
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Seamless integration

Access data
instantly within Salesforce.
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Bespoke Collection

See how Bespoke, a small artisan winemaker in
a crowded marketplace, is thriving with the help of and Salesforce.

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Committed to data quality

Our goal is to give you the freshest, most-accurate data available. That's why our D&B company profiles go through 2,000 separate quality checks, and our crowd-sourced contacts are continuously scrubbed clean by our best-in-class algorithms. Learn more about our data quality ›

Data sources


Increase sales productivity with

See how adding to Salesforce increases productivity by giving sales clean data to connect with more customers faster.

Drive marketing ROI with

See how helps marketers build highly targeted lists, clean up existing data, and boost conversion rates for better marketing ROI.

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Connect faster with cleaner,
fresher data.

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