CRM Training to Maximise Your CRM Success

In these tricky economic times, you need to make sure that your technology investments are maximised. Taking a CRM training course ensures that your entire staff takes full advantage of the power of Salesforce CRM, whether your company is new to the application or has used it for years. Companies who join our CRM training programs achieve 52% higher user adoption of Salesforce CRM.

And once you've completed the training, get certified with Salesforce CRM certification. It's a great way to show off your new skills, as well as empower your team and enhance your career.

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A CRM Training Course for Every Role

CRM training increases the productivity of all your employees: More deals are closed by your sales reps. Administrators keep up-to-date with the newest releases. And your IT team can build the time-saving applications you need. CRM training from gets your team ready to effectively roll out Salesforce CRM and There's a learning path for you!

CRM Certification

Salesforce CRM and experts are still in high demand, and that demand is growing, even in today's economic climate. CRM training and certification gives you the cloud computing knowledge you need so you can take advantage of Salesforce CRM’s powerful customisation, integration, coding and design.

With Salesforce CRM certification and training, you also become a member of the professional community.

Steps to CRM Certification

There are five credentials on offer within CRM training - two for developers, two for administrators and one for consultants. Find the CRM training course that suits your requirements best, and before long you’ll be ready for the certification exam.

CRM Training Courses for Administrators

Our CRM training path for Admins will give you all you need to succeed with CRM, and is suitable for new CRM Admins as well as experienced professionals. Our instructors will answer your questions, share tips and tricks from other users and guide you through hands-on exercises. With this knowledge, why not get CRM Admin Certification too?

  • Administration Essentials CRM Training. New administrators or those who want to brush up on their core skills will love Administration Essentials, our most popular CRM training course. You will learn how to configure, maintain and customise your Salesforce CRM set-up. The training includes enterprise security, data utilities, and analytics, as well as other key features. The Administration Essentials course puts you on the right path to CRM certification by helping you to prepare for the Certified Administrator exam - we'll even give you a complimentary exam voucher.
  • Advanced Administration CRM Training Course. This follow-up course will help you to solve more complex business problems using Salesforce and builds on the skills and experience you already have.

CRM Training for End Users

Get your teams up to speed and productive quickly with Salesforce CRM End User Training. You'll get maximum user adoption - and ROI - by enrolling your sales and support reps, marketing managers, and executives in a CRM training course.

  • Custom User CRM Training. We will design and deliver training courses tailored to your business's CRM configuration and CRM usage, and work with your project team to deliver the end-user CRM training you and your employees need. If you want, we'll even come to your workplace and deliver the training on site. With our custom CRM training courses, you and your colleagues will be able to use the system in no time.

Developer Training: Build Custom CRM Applications with

Developer training courses from are a great way to become proficient with developing on the platform. Take our classes and you could be on the way to becoming a Certified Developer.

  • Essentials. To begin with, you'll see how to design and build SaaS applications with clicks, not code. You'll be introduced to the platform and shown how to choose the best development tools for every situation. A must for all developers, this hands-on, five-day class teaches the object model and meta-data configuration, which are fundamental for developing applications. Learn how to build a full-featured CRM app from scratch, including designing, creating custom objects, using rules and workflow to automate processes, and creating the user interface. Use this course to prepare yourself for developer certification.
  • Visualforce, Apex, and DaaS. In this developer training course, you will learn how to apply your programming knowledge to the platform to enhance and expand SaaS applications. This course goes into the details of the languages and cloud-based development environment, and is designed for application developers and alumni of the Essentials course. You'll see in detail how to build customised user interfaces using tools like Visualforce Pages and Controllers, and how to employ Apex code to create business logic and interactions. training will also show you how to manage your application development projects in the cloud using platform as a service (PaaS), along with best practices for shared development and debugging and deployment using's powerful capabilities. The course prepares you for the advanced developer certification exam, and includes a voucher to take the exam.

CRM Training Courses for Consultants

Our consultant CRM training gives you the key skills and know-how to implement Salesforce CRM solutions in your workplace, whatever your level of experience. We will give you hands-on exercises to complete, answers your questions, and show you real-life examples from a range of other successful CRM projects.

  • Administration Essentials. Take this CRM training course and get the know-how you need for Salesforce CRM configuration and management, and learn how to make the application work for you. Topics pertaining to designing solutions are also included. When this course is complete, you can go on to take the CRM administrator certification exam.
  • Implementation Essentials. If you are a CRM configuration expert and have earned your administration certification, this follow-up CRM coursewill give you the skills you need to collect and analyse the design and implementation requirements for your clients' SaaS solutions. We'll give you a voucher to take the consultant CRM certification exam along with this CRM training course.


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Salesforce Training


Expertise: the fastest path to success

Training is your quickest route to success with Salesforce. Customers who were trained by report 52% higher user adoption rates and 132% increased sales pipeline.* Train your users in classroom and virtual instructor-led classes as well as self-paced online courses. We’ll even come and train your team in a private class.

* Market Tools Inc. independent study


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