Healthcare and life sciences


Transforming healthcare for the social era

Everyone is demanding more from the healthcare system today—and they want it for less. Leading healthcare and life sciences companies are challenged to deliver more personalized and effective care without raising costs. And that means operating in new, more social, ways.

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Collaborate and innovate
to stay ahead

Rapidly changing markets, global expansion, regulatory uncertainty—meeting today's healthcare challenges means your teams have to share and collaborate like never before. Social networks can connect your staff around the globe to each other and to customers. So everyone can concentrate on what’s important: the needs of patients and customers. Like Medtronic’s Connected Care, which transforms the patient experience by connecting doctors, patients, and devices.


Focus on better, faster patient care

Practitioners and patients expect to interact with you anytime, anywhere. Delighting customers today means providing automated service through multiple channels and devices—eliminating cumbersome paper processes and freeing everyone to focus on improving patient health. RehabCare updates vital patient information instantly on iPhones and iPads, helping to provide the best patient care possible.



Go social and mobile—just like your customers

Customers, physicians, and patients are demanding personalized treatment and care plans. Fortunately, the new world of ubiquitous mobile devices and social networks provides opportunity for new interactions and care delivery options—from social wellness apps to in-home patient monitoring devices. Companies like Philips are creating interactive portals where customers can manage their own assets, check service histories, and monitor related activities.


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