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Build stronger customer connections

The tech industry leads the charge when it comes to adopting new ways to help businesses evolve quickly. That’s why the most innovative high-tech companies are going social—discovering opportunities to connect with customers and employees like never before.


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Engage in social media

People are talking about your products on social networks. Are you listening? Monitor customer sentiment, identify top influencers, and get involved in the discussions. Dell listens, engages, and acts—elevating the Dell brand and customer relationships in the process. It’s how they changed 34% of their "demoters" to "promoters."



Build community

The Web is going social—providing new ways to elevate your company and products. Build engaging communities, online support, custom ecommerce experiences, and innovative marketing campaigns on Facebook. Like Cisco, who created an online community where its customers can connect, submit questions, and get more engaged.



Make your products social, too

Imagine what your products would say if they could talk to your customers—and to you. It's already happening: Connect products to social media, and they can communicate status updates, reports, and other critical information. IT networks from Extreme Networks can talk to human networks via social channels, so the right people know right away when there's an issue that needs attention.
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