Build stronger customer relationships

The growing popularity of social media and mobile devices is breaking down walls between businesses and customers. Tomorrow's successful manufacturer has to become a socially connected business today—building stronger relationships with consumers, channel partners, and suppliers. Read Avon’s story ›


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What if your car was your friend?

What would it mean to make your products "social"? What if they could communicate with your customers and with social media? What if your products provided valuable feedback for future designs? Toyota is looking ahead to a more social future and connecting its cars to social networks.


Know your customers

Successful brands are tapping into the explosive popularity of social media. Develop a social customer profile and communicate with customers as they do research and make buying decisions.
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Keep your employees connected

Kimberly-Clark’s well-known brands are an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries. But how do the company's employees stay connected across global boundaries? An employee social network can modernize collaboration, so colleagues in every corner of the globe securely share information, eliminate silos, and work more productively.
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