Get everyone on the same page

When everyone at your company is in sync, it’s easy to scoop the competition. Employees at the Financial Times—including ad sales teams, journalists, and back office personnel—use Salesforce for a common view of customers. When it’s easy to communicate and collaborate, teams across the company can work together to attract and retain advertisers and subscribers.

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Get in tune with your customers

First, the Web redefined media. Now, the social, mobile revolution is shaking things up again. Whether you’re selling ads, entertainment, or information, you need to understand what customers want, and how to align every aspect of your business to put them at the center. Become a customer company, and turn all of your customers into fans.

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Motivate performance with social

Beyond communication and collaboration, new technologies can help you motivate and inspire employees like never before. Spotify—which built its music sharing business on social—also brought social to its performance management approach, giving every employee a new way to recognize great work from peers in a transparent and real-time way. Spotify’s story ›


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Listen to your customers

It’s important to meet your customers where they are. Successful companies, like Activision, don’t just wait for the phone to ring—they interact constantly with customers on the social networks where they live. And, they use internal social networks to put the power of everyone at the company to work solving issues. So every customer interaction is a great one. Activision's story ›



Work together as a team

When you connect every employee—like DMGT—it’s easier to share information and capture all the best ideas. By creating transparency across hierarchies, geographies, and departments, it’s much easier for everyone to stay aligned, and deliver for customers. Connect your global team, and you won’t be yesterday’s news. DMGT’s story ›


Thompson Reuters

Engage with customers from anywhere

Today, more than ever, people want—and expect—to get the information they’re looking for instantly. That’s something that Thomson Reuters, which provides financial information to knowledge professionals, knows all too well. The company uses Salesforce so employees can always access the information they need—both from a Mac or PC in the office, or using a BlackBerry, iPad, or iPhone from the road. Thomson Reuters' story ›

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