What is Collaboration Software?

In recent years, the Internet has dramatically changed the way we keep in touch with friends and family. Thanks to the growing popularity of social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, we always know what is happening in our personal lives, in real time. Why can't the business environment work as smoothly?
With Salesforce India's business collaboration software - it can!

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Welcome to Salesforce Chatter and the Collaboration Cloud

Salesforce India brings you a new world of real-time enterprise collaboration software-as-a-service: a world where collaborating at work is as easy as using Facebook.

Stay on top of what's happening in your company with real-time updates on people and groups, opportunities, important documents, and your top deals and accounts. Transform new business insights and expertise into smarter - and faster - business decisions.

Salesforce Chatter: Connect and share information securely like never before—all in real time.

  • You and your co-workers will easily collaborate on what matters most at work with real-time feeds.
  • Updates on people, groups, documents, and your application data will come right to you when you need it most and corporate user profiles will encourage dynamic interactions between people and groups.
  • Salesforce India customers, partners, and developers can build custom applications with powerful collaboration software-as-a-service capabilities.

How will Collaboration Software help colleagues work more closely and win more business?

Profiles - Forge closer relationships to colleagues by knowing more about them instantly. Discover how peers and experts expand your network and share their expertise to benefit others.

Status updates - The Collaboration Cloud saves your business from overloaded inboxes by letting colleagues update each other in real time and avoid doing a task twice.

Document sharing - Work collaboratively on documents and easily find them again months or years later, all from a secure browser, right in the Collaboration Cloud. Say good-bye to frustrating searches through email archives and folders.

App updates - Make your Salesforce India applications smarter and more proactive with records that keep your team informed of updates, changes and data - all in real time.

Security and sharing - Keep the right people in the know and keep sensitive information private. Security is not a concern in the collaboration cloud.

Social - Unify all your social networking communities, like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, in the Collaboration Cloud.

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Salesforce Chatter: The future of business collaboration

Ditch yesterday's technology and let your business benefit from the cloud computing power of the collaboration cloud and Salesforce Chatter. Global businesspeople are ready to work together more productively and keep up with everything that matters to their enterprise - all in real time.

Come over to the Collaboration Cloud:

Share securely and collaborate instantly
Have important data is always at your fingertips
Have the insight and expertise to make smarter decisions

Chatter: the conversation starts here.


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Take action at the speed of social.


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Take action at the
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Connect every employee with the files, data, and experts they need — anywhere, anytime.

  • Drive productivity. 

    Connect, engage, and motivate employees to work efficiently across the organisation regardless of role or location. Collaborate on sales opportunities, service cases, campaigns, and projects with embedded apps and custom actions.

  • Accelerate innovation. 

    Provide a forum for anyone to share insights and propose new ideas. Connect product teams with direct feedback from customers on programs, products, and campaigns. Create and share polls instantly to gauge new ideas.

  • Share knowledge. 

    Share knowledge, files, and data, and connect with experts from across your organisation regardless of their role or location.

  • Take action anywhere. 

    Track your team and critical projects in the mobile feed. Close cases, update opportunities, find the latest presentations, and act on critical updates wherever you are to make the most of every moment.


“Salesforce would provide a solid platform
the business needs to go forward
and achieve that 100% growth .”

— Ryoma Eguchi, Technology Director, The Executive Centre


Talk is cheap. Chatter is free.

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* All per user products require an annual contract.

*All per user products require an annual contract.

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