Contact Management Software and Its Evolution to the Web

Contact and client management comprise part of a much larger business activity: customer relationship management (CRM).

CRM applications are especially critical for sales, where managing customer relationships are the bedrock of your business. However, the limited on-premises contact management software of conventional CRM systems provides just a small portion of the capabilities needed to automate and optimise a sales organisation's contact management activities and resources.

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Successful companies who want to inhabit the cutting edge are boosting their business with the Salesforce web-based contact management software, which integrates advanced contact management features into the larger sphere of CRM.

Since users access Salesforce CRM virtually, in the cloud, everyone in the organisation benefits from more productive tracking, sharing, and analysis of customer information. Salesforce CRM system releases your business from tedious manual processes, enabling you to centralise, share, manage, and analyse all your contact management data.

How can the Salesforce Contact Management System make my Business Boom?

Work from any Web Browser. All you need is an Internet connection! With the power of our cloud-based contact management software, users can work from home or on the road, where so much critical customer contact takes place.

Instant Access With mobile Salesforce CRM access via popular mobile devices like the BlackBerry and iPhone, users can update and annotate contact management information on the spot, while customer interactions are fresh in your mind. Once entered in the Salesforce CRM system, authorised users can view your business-related notes and data instantly.

Share The Wealth Contact management software from Salesforce offers complete, real time views. Your team automatically shares and reports on contact and customer-related activities, tasks, and calendar events in real time. Everyone gets a full and current picture of all customer records; no one is forced to wait on complicated and unreliable synchronisation.

Information-Rich Profiles Up-to-date, readily available Contact Management profiles in the Salesforce CRM system delivers complete management visibility into contact and customer histories; higher productivity; better and faster collaboration; less chance of leads falling through the cracks; fewer manual processes; and less dependency on paper and spreadsheets.

Private Means Private Salesforce India's contact management system profiles remain invisible when not linked to an account, regardless of your organisation's sharing model. Only the owner of the contact and administrators can view it. The ease of contact management sharing and workflow rules does not apply to information that is private.

The Proactive Genius of Contact Management Software
Salesforce CRM does a lot more than just capture leads. It moves you to the all-important next step of pursuing them in the most productive, efficient, and effective way so that your business can convert them to sales.

Salesforce Leads, Search and Merge Features

  • Our contact management software enables sales reps to identify prior interactions with a sales lead before following up.
  • Sales reps and agents can merge duplicate leads with existing leads, contacts, and accounts.
  • Based on customised business rules, you can set up lead queues and lead assignment rules to automatically route leads to the right sales organisation or rep.
  • Your team can monitor leads end-to-end—from creation to conversion—with capabilities that include automatic date/time stamping, campaign or lead source tracking, lead status changes, and lead activity management.

The sheer contact management power of cloud-based Salesforce CRM renders the limited features of conventional, on-premises contact management software obsolete - permanently. Come join the cloud!


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Accounts and contacts

Get a complete picture of your customer with everything you need in one place—including account history, key contacts, customer communications, and internal account discussions. Gain insight into activity on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter so you always know what your customers "like," making it easy to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships and close more deals.


Know what your customers "like"

With the Sales Cloud, contact information stays accurate thanks to and includes complete social profiles of your customers with insights from social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Get a complete customer view

The Sales Cloud provides quick access to all critical account data, including key sales data, contact history, shared documents, partners in the account, and more. Need to fill in some blanks? No problem— provides in-depth company data via Dunn & Bradstreet.

Map customers' organizations

Easily capture and track all key relationships at a customer account with the Sales Cloud. You can even define parent-child relationships between accounts to depict complex organizations with multiple subsidiaries or divisions.

Collaborate and close

When your team is in sync, it’s easy to close more business and keep customers happy. The Sales Cloud helps you assign team roles (exec sponsor, support rep, etc.) and collaborate using Chatter groups, calendars, tasks, activity reports, activity tracking, and more.

Manage customer reference programs

The Sales Cloud is the natural place to identify and manage the accounts that can serve as marketing and sales references. Easily track reference activities and communication with these critical customers right alongside other account activities.