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India is at the front of the cloud computing revolution. Businesses of any size around the globe can use our comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) application suite for their own custom application development.

Working from our virtual platform, it's easy to build a business application and run it on our servers - in the cloud.

Cloud-based CRM from Salesforce has become the leading CRM solution. is revolutionising custom application development so that developers can quickly create robust, enterprise-class solutions for almost all business needs.

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New cloud-based enterprise application development vs. traditional software

In the bad old days, onsite IT infrastructure made application development services complex and expensive. Companies had to buy and maintain hardware and software and spend on teams to manage and maintain complicated deployments. Backlogs and unsupported platforms like homegrown spreadsheets and personal databases bogged the enterprise down.

Then a miracle happened! As we entered the Third Millennium, a new model called cloud computing emerged to address these issues, delivering virtual applications and service from a cloud.' Working with Salesforce India's cloud platform, all your applications run entirely on the Web.

Custom Application Development is just a mouse click away!

The Genius Of Force.Com And Application Development

Force.Com lets you customise. Salesforce India gives you the power to customise your own application development on our servers, giving developers anywhere in the world full access to your application development resources. offers an extremely powerful, scalable, and secure platform for application development. Its complete technology stack includes everything from database and security to workflow and user interface—so developers can focus on assembling, building and instantly deploying solutions.

Force.Com speeds up innovation. A powerful yet easy-to-use application development and deployment model allows your business to easily develop and then immediately deploy your solutions to the cloud-based infrastructure.

The platform also lets you implement business logic with workflow rules, approval processes, and custom code. You can store structured data, support web browsers and mobile devices, integrate with other applications, do reporting and analytics, and scale up or down - all in near instant response time, with total security.

The Force.Com Platform suits everybody. Salesforce's cloud-based solutions are the fastest path to complex enterprise application development across all business functions and industries: supply chain management, billing, audit, tax calculation, event management, compliance tracking, claims processing, and much more.

No more spiralling costs with extra software, components, maintenance and integration problems - just cloud-based freedom and ease!


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Build apps fast. Build business faster.


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Build apps fast.
Build business faster.

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Introducing Salesforce1 Lightning: Now anyone can build apps even faster.

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Free IT from infrastructure.
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    Meet the foundational elements that hundreds of thousands of companies around the world have built on — from the world's leader in enterprise cloud computing.

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    Discover the lightning-fast app-building tools and services for developers and business users.

Platform benefits
Platform benefits
Platform benefits
  • How you integrate 

    Connect everything with robust APIs and services that let you unlock back office data systems, build communities, and more.

  • How you manage 

    How can IT keep it all going, every day? Here’s everything you need to manage apps, users, profiles, and more — from anywhere.

Heroku and

Build employee-facing apps with

Create customer-facing apps with Heroku.

Salesforce has the tools and services to build any kind of app your business needs to deepen customer relationships and help employees do more, faster.

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"Apps built on the Salesforce1 Platform let us build more personalized relationships with our customers."

— Brian Spaly, CEO, Trunk Club

— Brian Spaly
CEO, Trunk Club


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