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Salesforce CRM Partner Networks is the industry standard for channel management. You enjoy all the advantages of breakthrough ease-of-use with our online channel management solution, to help you rapidly increase partner channel sales and improve partner relationships.

With channel management software as a service from, you’ll experience explosive growth in channel sales and revenue, through the ability to rapidly acquire more partners, effectively market and sell through them, and improve your entire chain of channel management functions. Our web-based channel management application gives you complete visibility into where your business is coming from, your coverage model, and your top-performing partners.

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Channel Management Strengthens Partner Loyalty

Our channel software as a service solution extends Salesforce CRM’s award-winning ease-of-use and trust to your valued partners. They can securely register deals, easily request marketing funds, and quickly access relevant information to help boost their own channel sales.

With’s online channel management solution, you can set up a customized partner portal—a unique capability that conventional channel management software just can’t deliver. The portal simplifies channel management, enabling partners to quickly help themselves to everything they need to feature your solutions and increase your channel sales.

Our channel software as a service application is built on the platform, enabling you to handle channel management from within Salesforce CRM via secure data-sharing connections. You can easily customize channel management software as a service, and add functionality and services from the AppExchange, the iTunes of business software.

Channel Sales Basics: Partner Recruitment and Planning

Getting the right channel partners on board and getting them up to speed on your products or services is an essential component of effective channel management.’s channel management software as a service excels at helping you create close, loyal relationships right from the start.

When it comes to automating channel partner recruitment, training, and planning processes, Salesforce CRM leaves on-premise channel management software in the dust. The ease and speed of web-based channel management software as a service lets you concentrate on increasing your channel sales by building more productive connections with your partners.

  • More Effective Recruitment With Channel Management Software as a Service. Effective partner recruitment is a critical component of channel management, ensuring strong market penetration, a healthy pipeline, and ultimately, more robust channel sales. channel management software as a service also streamlines channel management with easy partner qualification, education, and on-boarding, plus speedy certification processes.
  • Improved Channel Management. The ability to manage and track partner information and performance is critical to success. In contrast with traditional channel management software,’s channel management software as a service gives you a powerful solution for increasing channel sales performance—across all modes of distribution.
  • Better Partner Training. Training is an excellent channel management tool for improving partner loyalty while driving increased channel sales and revenue. Our channel management software as a service enables you to quickly create and manage training programs, publish them to channel partners, and track certification.
  • End-to-End Channel Management Planning. High-value partner relationships are driven by goal alignment that is measured and rewarded. channel management software as a service enhances your channel management lifecycle with tools for planning, setting objectives, and monitoring your overall channel sales strategy.

Partner Portal: Exclusively with Our Channel Management Software as a Service

These days, the ease and power of Web 2.0 should be a vital tool in your channel managementstrategy. This is exactly what’s channel management software as a service delivers with its partner portal solution, designed to drive higher channel sales and boost partner loyalty.

Salesforce CRM Partner Portal is a unique channel management tool—a customizable, on-demand destination that is highly functional yet as easy to use as a consumer Web site. You can’t find a more ideal channel management solution: partners gain a seamless Web 2.0 experience that unites rich content with the renowned ease of use built into all Salesforce applications. As a vital component of our channel management software as a service solution, the portal gives partners their own one-stop channel management tool. It empowers them to manage leads and opportunities, submit deal registrations, find and rate content, share ideas, run reports, request marketing funds, and efficiently manage their own users.’s online channel management application includes an easy-to-use style editor for quickly changing the look-and-feel of your Partner Portal. Plus, all our advanced customization and extension features—including mashups, custom Apex code, and much more—are available to help transform your Partner Portal into a unique customer self-service destination to drive channel sales to new heights.

  • Channel Sales: Improving Partner Selling.’s channel management software as a service delivers the tools partners need for success in everything from lead and opportunity management to deal registration. Partners can manage their customer accounts and provide opportunity updates in just a few clicks. And while partners are using the portal, your channel management is enhanced with full visibility into the entire opportunity life cycle.
  • Fuel Partner Marketing to Enhance Channel Management. The Partner Portal in our channel management software as a service is an extension of your Web presence. Customize it to your branding look and feel, and use it to ensure that your partners are “on message”: Embed company, product, and program communications front and center on the portal’s home page. To grow channel sales, maximize the use of MDF and Co-op programs by letting partners request and claim marketing funds directly via the portal.
  • Partners Ideas Forum to Improve Channel Sales. You can easily foster an open dialog with your partners using channel management software as a service. Salesforce CRM Ideas, a key component of our solution, can be enabled through your partner portal to serve as a 24/7 virtual partner advisory board through which partners can share ideas with each other—and with you. With our channel management software as a service, at last you have insight into what your partners are thinking, to help you develop more effective partner programs, strengthen overall loyalty, and expand channel sales.


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Partner Management

Build and empower your partner network with Partner Community. Connect directly with channel partners to share goals, objectives, and activities in a secure, branded location.

Collaborate with channel partners and drive more deals.

  • Get a direct view into the performance of your channel partners.

    Recruit, onboard, train, and support your indirect sales channels to increase partner engagement. Manage marketing development funds and develop effective co-marketing campaigns. And ensure your channel is structured and equipped to meet your business goals.

  • Easily deploy a fully branded partner community .

    Every channel is unique. Easily tailor and extend your Partner Community to support specific partner needs. Share business processes and data with partners to better collaborate on deals.

  • Seamlessly connect to partners with Salesforce to Salesforce.

    If your partners also use Salesforce to manage their businesses, Salesforce to Salesforce allows you to seamlessly connect, share, and update Salesforce data. Pass leads, opportunities, and more to partners in real-time. And, it's free for any Salesforce user.

  • Keep sales and partners productive even when they leave their desks.

    Help your partners succeed from anywhere. Partners can post questions and access critical resources from anywhere with the Salesforce1 Mobile App. They can also register deals, update opportunities, or even request funding — all from any mobile device.


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