Rewrite the rules of retail.

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Rewrite the rules of retail.

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Shoppers demand a seamless customer experience. Stores are being reimagined as showrooms, fulfillment centers, and experience hubs. New entrants are innovating around every step of the shopper journey. Retailers of all sizes must disrupt or be disrupted.


The customer is always right, and is now in control.

Armed with smartphones and third-party apps, shoppers are connected and social. They expect a personalized experience everywhere, and stores are becoming just one touchpoint for increasingly dynamic customer interactions. The Salesforce Shopper Success Platform enables you to stay agile in these fast-changing markets, drive innovation, and reimagine the entire retail experience from in-store to online and beyond.

Find every shopper’s perfect fit.

Create personalized experiences with 1-to-1 marketing communications to match each shopper’s preferences and purchase history. Build an integrated shopping experience across every possible touch point through email, social, mobile, e-commerce, in-store, and customer service centers. Then reward loyal customers with incentives that match their personal wants and needs.

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  • Turn associates into ambassadors.

    Empower associates with instant access to the information they need to deliver a personalized in-store experience and more connected customer service. Supercharge productivity by connecting sales personnel, operations, and service agents in-store and at the contact center. And with a 360-degree view of shopper and product insights, your team will always deliver the right offer to the right customer, while creating lasting loyalty for your brand.

  • Innovate at the speed of retail.

    Shoppers’ expectations change fast. Salesforce helps you stay a step ahead. With our agile platform you can build and deploy custom apps, unlock your existing back-office technology investments, and create deeper connections between employees and customers. So you can not just meet, but exceed, every shopper’s expectations.

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“Salesforce helps us offer the kind
of service that — like great design —
never goes out of style.”

“Salesforce helps us offer the kind of service that — like great design — never goes out of style.”

— John Edelman, CEO, Design Within Reach


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