Build apps fast. Build business faster.


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Build apps fast.
Build business faster.


Introducing Lightning Connect — The fastest way to integrate any data with Salesforce.

Platform benefits

Free IT from infrastructure.
Innovate at lightning speed.

  • What you build on 

    Meet the foundational elements that hundreds of thousands of companies around the world have built on — from the world's leader in enterprise cloud computing.

  • What you build with 

    Discover the lightning-fast app-building tools and services for developers and business users.

Platform benefits
Platform benefits
Platform benefits
  • How you integrate 

    Lightning Connect, robust APIs, and more to help you unlock your back office, integrate and connect everything, faster.

  • How you manage 

    How can IT keep it all going, every day? Here’s everything you need to manage apps, users, profiles, and more — from anywhere.

Heroku and

Build employee-facing apps with
Create customer-facing apps with Heroku.

Salesforce has the tools and services to build any kind of app your business needs to deepen customer relationships and help employees do more, faster.

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"Apps built on the Salesforce1 Platform let us build more personalized relationships with our customers."

— Brian Spaly, CEO, Trunk Club

— Brian Spaly
CEO, Trunk Club


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Turn your ideas into apps today with the Salesforce1 Platform.


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Find the right app package.
Enterprise App

billed annually

Powerful apps with access to 10 custom objects per user

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App Bundle

billed annually

Build up to 10 apps with access to 200 custom objects per user

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Unlimited Apps

billed annually

Unlimited apps with access to 2,000 custom objects per user

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Connected Customer
App Package

Engaging customer apps with Heroku and

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* All per user products require an annual contract.

Download the full
edition comparison chart

See the kinds of apps you can build fast with Salesforce.

The services of the Salesforce1 Platform can help you build any kind of app, connect everything, and inspire everyone. Faster.

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