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Sales tracking software started out years ago as a desktop productivity tool for busy sales reps. It then evolved into larger applications housed in companies’ on-premises IT servers, with user access through a local office network or LAN. Years later, more than a few sales tracking software applications remain stuck in this now old-fashioned mode. Meanwhile, the business world has advanced to the ease and affordability of’s sales tracking software solution in the cloud, also known as “software as a service.”

Today, cloud-based Salesforce CRM Sales is the most widely used application for sales lead tracking and management. With our subscription-based sales tracking software as a service, you gain unmatched capabilities without having to buy on-premises sales tracking software and hardware to run it on. Gone are the tedious implementation headaches and budget-busting maintenance costs of traditional sales tracking software. Instead, your reps gain a single platform they can easily access anytime, anywhere—with no more than a Web browser.

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Salesforce CRM Sales: the Gold Standard for Sales Lead Tracking

It takes a consistently effective sales effort to keep any company’s revenues on the rise. Our sales tracking software as a service helps you succeed with capabilities that automate, streamline, and synchronize all your core sales activities.

With sales tracking software as a service from, you can monitor new leads as they arrive and quickly distribute them across sales and marketing. You can track and instantly route prospect inquiries to the right reps. Plus, it’s easy to set up and enforce lead-qualification processes and page displays for various product lines or divisions. As a result, our sales tracking software as a service keeps the entire sales lead tracking process moving forward with newfound efficiency. Salesforce CRM Sales lets reps pull up the most urgent leads at any time, and prospects never get lost in the shuffle.

Sales Lead Tracking to Opportunity Management

The goal of sales lead tracking, of course, is to move each inquiry or dialogue forward and turn it into a sale. The admin side of the process couldn’t be easier than with’s cloud-based sales tracking software as a service: When it’s time to convert leads into opportunities, all it takes is a single click.

  • Opportunity tracking. Salesforce CRM Sales smoothes and streamlines collaboration across your organization. Our sales tracking software as a service gives reps and managers a centralized place to update all opportunity-related information—including decision-makers, partners, milestones, and customer communications. You can also tailor the application to fit your company’s established workflows and processes. With a rich, up-to-date data source at their fingertips at all times, reps and managers can close deals faster.
  • Product tracking. Our sales tracking software as a service is especially beneficial in the later stages of the sales cycle, where the devil is often in the details. To ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, Salesforce CRM Sales lets you track product-level information for each opportunity, including quantity, standard price, quoted price, and product codes. You can send automatic notifications whenever a new product is appended to an opportunity or a discount threshold reached. For each product, you can create revenue and quantity schedules to mirror delivery and payment terms.
  • An end-to-end customer view. With’s sales tracking software as a service, your entire company gains a full 360-degree view of every prospect and customer. Salesforce CRM Sales equips your reps and managers to acquire deep knowledge of every contact and account, expedite team collaboration, and build enduring customer relationships.
  • Opportunity update reminders. Use scheduled email reminders to ensure that sales teams keep opportunity information up to date. For example, managers can set up automatic, recurring emails for themselves and their teams right inside the interface of our sales tracking software as a service.
  • Competitor tracking. Our sales tracking software as a service helps you monitor competitors and track key competitive issues on each deal. Roll up competitive data in win-loss reports to understand trends and emerging threats.
  • Opportunity analysis. Improve sales lead tracking with fast, easy analysis of your CRM sales pipeline. Quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the sales cycle and determine the cause of any downgraded sales opportunities.
  • Multiple sales processes.’s sales tracking software as a service lets you create customized processes and page displays for specific sales scenarios, whether tied to business units, product lines, or particular sales channels.

Extending Sales Tracking Software Capabilities: Account and Contact Management

  • A complete account and contact repository. For many industries and products, the sales cycle can be long and complex, involving multiple customer stakeholders and a large amount of paperwork and documentation. Unlike conventional sales tracking software, Salesforce CRM Sales serves as a single repository for everything: contact information, customer org charts, the role of each contact in your business relationship, relevant documents, partners involved in the account, and more.
  • Integrated account history. With sales tracking software from, you can store and view a customer’s complete history in one place—including marketing campaigns, cross-sales opportunities, customer service cases, and other interactions. You can customize the information you capture and the views you create to suit the way you work. You can also define parent-child relationships between accounts to accurately reflect complex organizations with several subsidiaries or divisions.
  • Team account management. From sales lead tracking to closing, you can use’s sales tracking software as a service to specify everyone involved in managing each account. Indicate respective roles (executive sponsor, dedicated support rep, and so on) and save time with automatic team assignment.
  • Reference management. With our sales tracking software as a service, you can specially tag and manage accounts earmarked as references for sales and marketing.
  • Client management. Salesforce CRM Sales gives you the flexibility to separately track and manage relationships with individual clients who are not part of a corporate entity or account.

Activity Management with Sales Tracking Software as a Service

Coordinating customer-facing activities and events is critical to closing business and managing customer relationships. Activity management capabilities inside our sales tracking software as a service keep your reps organized and in synch, ensuring that customers receive the attention they need.

  • Activity tracking and collaboration. Use’s sales tracking software as a service to monitor tasks and activities, schedule joint meetings, delegate tasks to team members, and set up activity templates for frequently or automatically assigned tasks.
  • Calendaring. Salesforce CRM Sales lets you easily set and schedule reminders for appointments and other activities for yourself and others. Use our sales tracking software as a service to publish calendars for shared resources and team or company-wide activities.
  • Activity history.’s sales tracking software as a service enhances opportunity management and sales lead tracking with a historical record of all activities related to each account, contact, and opportunity.


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Sales Forecasting

Get a real-time view of your entire team’s forecast, including in-line forecast adjustments, and override visibility up and down the management hierarchy.

See forecast adjustments as soon as they're made.

  • Have an accurate view of your forecast with real-time adjustments.

    Think a rep might come in above or below their forecasted amount? You can easily apply your judgment to forecasted amounts at the rep, period, and summary levels. You can also view details about any previous adjustments that you or your team has provided, while leaving the underlying opportunity data intact.

  • Quickly see how you’re performing against plan.

    The forecast screen shows quota and quota attainment right alongside the forecast numbers. By tracking overall quota attainment for the month, the forecast period, or in each forecast category, it’s easier than ever to know where to focus, whether you’re a rep or a manager.

  • Forecast for complex sales teams.

    Even if your company has a complex sales organization, Salesforce can help. Overlay Splits allows you to credit the right amounts – by revenue, contract value, and more – to sales overlays. You can then view the forecast by overlays to see how they’re contributing to your number.

  • Model your forecast to fit your business in just a few clicks.

    Use standard forecast categories like “pipeline” and “closed”, or tailor them to map to your company's forecast stages. You can also calculate your forecast based on revenue, product families, or even opportunity splits. Then customize your forecast view based on revenue, quantity, or any other custom forecast type you define.


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