Sales process management and workflow


The Sales Cloud is the world’s most complete, trusted, and popular workflow automation engine for the full range of sales management needs. And now the Visual Process Manager lets you take sales process management to yet another level—more quickly and easily than was ever possible before.

The Visual Process Manager makes it simple to eliminate the grunt work from sales management processes so your reps can spend more time pursuing customers and less on administration. You can also make sure everyone is following the same playbook, adhering to the sales process management rules and procedures that have proven to work best for your organization and sales cycles.

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And here’s the best part: The Visual Process Manager lets non-technical business people build sales management automation scripts, processes, and guides driven by sophisticated business rules—without help from (or having to wait around for) IT.


Workflow automation done your way

IT specialists are skilled at writing code, but who better to automate sales management processes than your line-of-business experts? Now they can, without having to call on anyone else for a single line of programming. The Visual Process Manager combines an easy-to-use visual designer with a powerful rules engine that automatically creates and manages your final sales management applications.

Suddenly, automating sales management is as simple as drawing, dragging, and dropping visual elements to create a graphical “map” of your process. The Visual Process Manager automatically handles the underlying coding, and you deploy the new workflow to the Sales Cloud with just a few clicks. That’s all there is to it: Your sales process management enhancement is already preintegrated.

Compare this scenario with old-style sales management automation: using on-premises infrastructure and conventional workflow software. Thanks to the Sales Cloud and the Visual Process Manager, you can say good-bye to dizzying IT complexity as well as exorbitant costs and lengthy developer-dependent time cycles.


The ultimate in sales process management

The Visual Process Manager brings new ease and speed to sales management by integrating the Sales Cloud with external applications such as dialers, interactive voice response (IVR), and databases. This kind of workflow automation helps your sales teams do what they do best: talk to prospects, pursue opportunities, and close deals. Streamline sales calls and online interactions by automating the up-front work—for example, by creating tasks, converting leads, and setting up opportunities. You’ll reduce sales management complexity, ensure useful and accurate data, and support consistent processes. The end result is customer contact that’s faster, more efficient, and less costly.


Scripting for sales management consistency

The Visual Process Manager lets you automate sales interactions from dialer to call wrap-up, streamlining sales management activities without reps needing to concern themselves with underlying business processes. You can drive this workflow automation across your entire organization—boosting productivity and reducing costs for anywhere from a handful to tens of thousands of Sales Cloud users.

With the Visual Process Manager, workflow automation scripts are built by salespeople for salespeople. IT doesn’t even enter the picture, so sales process management stays entirely in your hands. Use the technology to create any kind of script from supportive to prescriptive as the process requires. Whatever your sales management style or sequence, new or enhanced scripts go from idea to deployment in hours or days. With conventional sales management software, in contrast, development time is measured in weeks or months.

Consistency is the watchword of effective sales process management, and the Visual Process Manager lets you enforce it. Sales management rules and process logic can be embedded within your scripts, ensuring that sales reps tackle even the most complex sales situations without deviating from the norm. Process uniformity doesn’t just simplify sales management; it assures that reps always choose the right product, make accurate quotes, and identify every upsell opportunity.

Whatever business you’re in, the Sales Cloud lets you optimize sales management to fit your needs: The Visual Process Manager can incorporate the most challenging business rules, including those governing highly regulated industries such as financial services, utilities, telecom, and health care.


Sales process management advantages

  • Going beyond sales management scripts.Traditional workflow automation only takes you so far because the sales script is just one element in a successful customer interaction. The full process involves a set of complex underlying tasks, data inputs, and post-call administration. The Visual Process Manager brings sales management automation to these elements as well. It combines sales management scripting with the ability to use data from multiple systems, create and update records, initiate and escalate tasks, and manage everything according to tailored business rules.
  • Workflow automation that works the way users do.Because the Visual Process Manager streamlines sales management behind the scenes, your reps perform all their activities through the Sales Cloud’s intuitive interface. The Visual Process Manager orchestrates systems and tasks within each sales process—users don’t have to deal with swapping data or files from system to system, or flipping from one record to the next. With sales management complexities rendered invisible, training time is minimal and new sales staff becomes instantly productive.
  • Automate anything.The Visual Process Manager not only manages the call, but applies workflow automation to all the activities surrounding it: creating a quotation, sending an email, or setting up other sales management tasks within the Sales Cloud. Plus, you can design all these activities to happen automatically. You can generate dynamic and flexible PDF, Word, HTML, and Excel documents with graphics and tables, formatted according to company guidelines and branding. You can also design call processes to incorporate other important systems such as credit reference check, credit card payment, and zip code look-up—all embedded directly into your sales management script.
  • Maximize integration.The Visual Process Manager is designed with sales management integration in mind. It pushes and pulls information to and from multiple systems throughout the script, providing the user with workflows that are dynamic but easy to follow. You can even design sales management processes to navigate to other systems (order processing, for example) and back again once the required task has been performed. Inter-system workflow automation lets you orchestrate sales management processes from end to end—ensuring accuracy and quality while minimizing call length.
  • Continually improve sales process management.Reporting and auditing functions let you retrieve and review call data by date, user, or outcome. Visual reporting displays information such as the most frequent paths followed through a script and the time elapsed while moving from one part of a script to another. Armed with this data, script authors can understand how sales management processes are actually being used, and revise them to eliminate bottlenecks and create new efficiencies.















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Workflow and Approvals

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  • Visualize and create any process with drag-and-drop simplicity.

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