App updates

App updates

Chatter makes all of your apps more collaborative. Your objects (opportunities, accounts, contacts, etc.) have new life now that they can join your business conversations. When a record you're tracking is changed, the update is automatically posted to your feed. You'll more easily collaborate on sales opportunities, customer support cases, or any custom object you've built.


Get real-time data updates

Follow records

Track updates to important business information in real time. Find out when opportunities change, accounts are growing, cases are closed, or when other important changes happen.

Collaborate on your records in context

Record feed

Follow records you care about so you can keep track of changes and collaborate with colleagues in real time, posting updates and making comments. If a person or event changes a record, like a deal stage changing from 4 to 5, you’ll see it in the record feed right away.

Share important links and files

Post files

Share important files and links with everyone who’s working on your deals, cases, projects, or any other record. Adding a file or link to the record feed ensures everyone has access to the latest information.

Add your 2 cents


Insert a comment on a record, and add it to your feed so you can discuss issues in context and create a running dialogue.

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