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Business collaboration has been changed by the Web and leads the way forward with a range of online collaboration tools. Our solutions channel the power of software as a service in order to bring your business online, enable collaboration with partners and customers, facilitate online document collaboration, and allow integration between CRM and Google Apps.

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Business Collaboration that Includes Your Customers: Salesforce CRM Ideas

Business customers have been using consumer online collaboration tools to share opinions on brands, products, and services for some time now. However, for many companies it has been a challenge to engage customers directly. To help shape these conversations, online collaboration tools are needed; to harness the energy, to capture the best ideas, and to drive innovation.

The "suggestion box" model only allows for one-time, one-way communication - and therefore isn't true business collaboration. It would be better to widen out the options for dialogue to include interactivity and online document collaboration.

To expand the conversations you have with your customers and employees, there is Salesforce CRM Ideas - integrating online collaboration tools with your CRM.

Tap into the wisdom of the crowd to capture the best ideas with the online collaboration tools in Salesforce CRM Ideas. It is truly interactive business collaboration that captures actionable feedback, sparks conversations that are more insightful, and realises the innovative potential of your community.

By using's online collaboration tools you can encourage the best ideas to bubble up to the surface with a unique voting mechanism... collate insights that lead to innovation... turn your top ideas into reality... and add online document collaboration to the mix.

Moving business collaboration way beyond the dead-end suggestion box, our online collaboration tools give your customers, partners and employees a bigger voice.

Online Document Collaboration: Content Management

  • Speed Business Collaboration with Your Company's Best Content. Online collaboration tools that put the right presentations and documents at your fingertips are proven to increase productivity. Wouldn't business collaboration improve if you could easily see which materials were most popular with your peers?

    Mazes of folders and digging through e-mails become distant memories with online collaboration tools. Consumer Web features like tagging, search, and popularity rankings redefine business collaboration. Everyone finds what they need in an instant with interactive, online document collaboration - even the employees that don't need CRM.
  • The World's Most Usable Online Collaboration Tools. It is easy to use's online collaboration tools - you get started quickly, and once you have used them you will never look back. The best materials rise to the top with community-based business collaboration. Online document collaboration is integrated into the business applications you use every day, empowering everyone, not just sales and marketing.

Online Collaboration Tools to Boost Sales Effectiveness and Productivity

It isn't worth producing a picture-perfect sales presentation if sales reps can't find and use it. This is where online collaboration tools come in, recommending content based on the opportunities you're working on and placing the most up-to-date, relevant documents right in your hands. This makes it easy to find tried-and-tested materials that your colleagues recommend, as it automates business collaboration. Our online collaboration tools assist reps to make better use of, and spend more face to face time with, customers.

Marketing: Drive Higher ROI with Online Document Collaboration online collaboration tools enhance business collaboration and bring marketing closer to the front lines by delivering real-world input on which materials are most effective and frequently used. Document collaboration becomes a reality with feedback from sales accessible online, and marketers can produce the content that helps sales reps to close their deals. It can be frustrating investing in content that is never used, but this frustration is eliminated with online collaboration tools, and helps to keep branding and pricing references consistent and current. collaboration tools help both teams to work more productively and achieve better results by enabling true business collaboration between sales and marketing.

Business Collaboration Across the Enterprise

Online document collaboration is needed in areas of the business beyond the boundaries of sales and marketing. To meet the needs of many different parts of your company, our online collaboration tools have the flexibility to be used by other teams - including customer service, product development, human resources, and more. With point-and-click ease, you can customise online collaboration tools to facilitate the efforts of various departments, and to speed up business collaboration among cross-functional teams. It is even possible for companies that don't use Salesforce for CRM to foster online document collaboration throughout the company, and also to implement our online collaboration tools to solve content management challenges in individual departments.

Online Collaboration Tools Deliver Quick Time to Value

It is a universal business need to encourage more online document collaboration, but many people think this can be a problem that's too time-consuming, difficult, and expensive to implement. A simple way to make noticeable gains in productivity and effectiveness is to use online collaboration tools. Enterprise-wide business collaboration can be up and running in days because the tools from are available on demand and because there is no hardware to buy or software to install. Because our online collaboration tools inspire confidence, everyone will get up to speed quickly, and keep on using them. This makes content distribution and searching for documents easier than being dependent on sending around e-mails.

Online Document Collaboration to the Max: Run Your Business with Salesforce CRM and Google

Your focus should not be on the tools you need to run document collaboration, but should remain on your business. You can run your company in the cloud with Salesforce CRM and Google online collaboration tools working together, using a powerful combination of easy-to-use business collaboration applications, which frees you to concentrate on making your business succeed. With the freedom, simplicity, and streamlined online document collaboration you can really benefit from the blend of powerful online collaboration tools from two software as a service leaders.

  • Salesforce CRM for Google Apps. Salesforce CRM for Google Apps is simple, yet powerful. Experience the power of business collaboration made easy with Web-based online collaboration tools that make communication and online document collaboration incredibly simple. To help businesses of all sizes work in new ways, Salesforce CRM for Google Apps also includes new online collaboration tools.

Online Collaboration Tools for Partnering Companies: Salesforce to Salesforce

There is closer business collaboration with allied companies that use - in fact, these online collaboration tools have been coined the "Facebook of the Enterprise." A revolutionary new service called Salesforce to Salesforce offers secure, easy online document collaboration between partners, suppliers, vendors, and customers. This integration is achieved with clicks, not code - as is the case with all our online collaboration tools. Share leads with companies in your value chain that are also using online collaboration tools from, as well as sharing information on opportunities, accounts, contacts, tasks, and custom objects.


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“The ability to consolidate onto one platform has had a big impact for us.”

“The ability to consolidate
onto one platform has had
a big impact for us.”

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