Dynix Drives New Sales Up 225%, Win Ratio Up 70% Within One Year of Implementing Salesforce.com

Customized on-demand CRM provides tools to successfully optimize sales and marketing effectiveness and gain real-time visibility into global operations

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — December 6, 2004 — Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM), the technology and market leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), today announced that Dynix, the world's leading provider of automation technologies, solutions, and services for libraries, has used Salesforce.com to achieve substantial sales and market growth in a flat market for library technology. Dynix, which serves 11,000 customers in 42 countries, implemented Salesforce.com worldwide in January 2004 as part of an initiative to turn around declining sales and revenues. Within a year, new sales are up 225 percent. Win ratios, as measured by requests for proposal (RFPs) submitted versus won, have increased more than 70 percent.

Dynix is one of the 12,500 companies of all sizes that comprised the salesforce.com customer base as of Oct. 31, 2004.

"The library market is not growing, so new sales growth of 225 percent is a huge achievement — and one that certainly ties back to implementing Salesforce.com" said Dynix President and CEO Jack Blount. "As CEO, I need visibility into our future so I can build and manage the right resources, focus, and products to reach our company-wide goals. Salesforce.com has helped us achieve this visibility into our future and capitalize on this phenomenal growth."

Dynix selected Salesforce.com after solid evaluation of three competing CRM solutions. Salesforce.com won based on superior usability, customization flexibility and reporting capabilities. Blount, who had relied on Salesforce.com at a previous company, was also drawn to Salesforce.com's robust and adaptable feature set for rapid, global implementation — a must for a global enterprise like Dynix.

"We rolled out Salesforce.com to four continents in three languages and three currencies in less than four weeks," said Blount. "We're in the library industry so there is a lot of terminology that doesn't apply to us out of the box. Salesforce.com allowed us to quickly customize the tool to truly create our own CRM. Nothing else came close to delivering that level of flexibility."

Dynix credits the Salesforce.com tool with improving sales representative time management, productivity and responsiveness through immediate access to shared customer and prospect information, as well as providing a new level of accountability and confidence throughout the sales organization. For managers, state-of-the-art dashboards and reporting functionality ensure real-time visibility and insight into critical deals, regional sales activities and overall business health for immediate action.

"We have an extensive collection of dashboard gauges so that at any moment anyone on the executive team can tell what's going on," Blount said. "This helps set and stay the course in everything from product development to financing to quarterly numbers. And if a deal even threatens to go off track, we can muster the appropriate resources before the situation heats up."

On the marketing side, Dynix has used Salesforce.com to assign a monetary value to marketing and lead generation programs. The company estimates that it has currently generated approximately 1000 leads through marketing that are associated with more than $3 million of sales.

"Salesforce.com allows us to track a lead and see what revenue it brings in directly," Blount concluded. "It also turns leads into dollars in our own reps' pockets. We've really stressed to the sales team that Salesforce.com helps with time management and helps them exceed quota. We have two times as many going to President's Club this year versus last year. So the success really runs throughout the company."

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