A sustainable alternative to on-premises systems

Salesforce.com’s cloud computing model has a much smaller environmental footprint than traditional IT hardware and software. By sharing computing resources among a large number of customers–over 100,000 in our case–you gain enormous economies of scale, especially when it comes to carbon and energy consumption.

We use salesforce.com's
cloud platform to reduce our
IT carbon emissions by 95%
over our previous
on-premises system.
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95% more efficient than on premises

The environmental savings in the cloud are significant. On average, our cloud solutions emits 95% less carbon compared to on-premises applications. Want to reduce your company’s carbon? Calculate your potential savings ›


How do we do it? One word: multitenancy.

Salesforce.com’s multitenant architecture is essentially a shared utility, so we can optimize computing resources across all our customers. While a traditional single-tenant application requires a dedicated set of resources to fulfill the needs of just one department or organization or company, a multitenant application uses the same amount of resources to satisfy the needs of multiple “tenants.” The result: incredible savings.


Cloud Platform White Paper

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Daily carbon savings

Track the daily carbon savings across our 100,000+ customers.
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