Omni-Channel Presence and Routing

Manage availability in real-time and intelligently route the right cases to the right agents.

Efficiency, transparency, and speed.

  • Route work intelligently.

    Automatically route cases, leads, or other work, to the most appropriate, available employee. Administrators can now configure Service Cloud to distribute work based on employee skill set, availability, and their capacity to handle incoming work. Employees can update their status in real-time, ensuring that high-priority work always receives immediate attention.

  • Supercharge your efficiency.

    Instead of dispatching work or having agents arbitrarily pick work from queues, Omni-Channel Presence and Routing intelligently routes work based on the business’ priorities. Work is pushed to employees in real time and screen popped directly into the Service Console, offering up an in-context view of the customer across all channels. And you can ensure employees prioritize correctly with the ability to define relative priority and size of the work.

  • Access operational insights.

    Gain visibility into how often your employees spend handling work, how long they’ve spent in certain statuses, and any trends in how often they accept versus decline work. In addition, you can report on average wait times, average handle times, and service level agreement adherence. Leverage these analytics to diagnose, react, and fix problem areas faster.


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