Beyond the CRM Silo
Extending the power of CRM to your whole business


Smart companies have extended their use of CRM far beyond the sales team. These companies have, little by little, created an incredibly valuable asset that touches almost every part of their business. They’ve created something a geek might call a ‘Customer Relationship Infrastructure’. Or a civilian might call ‘Extended CRM’. Or ‘Connected CRM’. Whatever you call it, CRM integration pays significant dividends.

This wider, more connected, more strategic view of CRM helps them do some dramatic things like:

  • Sell more
  • Keep customers happier
  • Boost sales productivity
  • Resolve customer service cases faster
  • Find information faster
  • Cut down on all that annoying email traffic

Check out this fun, yet informative, Slideshare to find out how companies of any size and shape are achieving this. It won’t take you long, just a couple of minutes to flick through the slides. Afterwards you can share it with your social networks to make you look really smart.

Sounds great, right? Your next step would be to read "The CRM Switcher’s Guide: Five steps from old-school to social, mobile, cloud-powered CRM” eBook, to see how you can make this a reality.

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