Connect with everyone who touches your brand

Retailers know better than anyone how radically social media has changed consumer behavior—the opportunities to connect with your brand are now everywhere. And that means everyone from HQ to buyers to store associates must work together to create a good experience for consumers across every channel.

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Engage in social communities

Your customers are active on social networks. Are you? Consumers love interacting with their favorite brands online, they are building communities to stay connected to their fans. The social engagement doesn’t stop there: Smart companies are also using Salesforce to build everything from customer buying experiences to innovative Facebook marketing campaigns.


Know your customers—in store and out

Successful brands are tapping into the explosive popularity of social media. Develop a social customer profile and communicate with shoppers as they make buying decisions, in store or online. With social clienteling, you get a complete customer view, including cross-channel purchase and browsing history, profiles and preferences, intelligent product recommendations, virtual closet and wish list management, and more.


Make social and mobile retail apps

Retail applications today go way beyond traditional customer relationship management. Salesforce makes it quick and easy for retailers to create their own custom apps to track customer loyalty, coordinate store rollouts, manage franchises, and connect with suppliers and associates.