SOAP API and SOAP Headers for Apex

This appendix details the SOAP API calls and objects that are available by default for Apex.
Apex class methods can be exposed as custom SOAP Web service calls. This allows an external application to invoke an Apex Web service to perform an action in Salesforce. Use the webService keyword to define these methods. For more information, see Considerations for Using the WebService Keyword.
Any Apex code saved using SOAP API calls uses the same version of SOAP API as the endpoint of the request. For example, if you want to use SOAP API version 34.0, use endpoint 34.0:

For information on all other SOAP API calls, including those that can be used to extend or implement any existing Apex IDEs, contact your Salesforce representative.

The following API objects are available as a Beta release in API version 23.0 and later:

The following are SOAP API calls:

The following SOAP headers are available in SOAP API calls for Apex:

Also see the Metadata API Developer's Guide for two additional calls:
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