Learning Apex

After you have your developer account, there are many resources available to you for learning about Apex:
Force.com Workbook: Get Started Building Your First App in the Cloud
Beginning programmers
A set of ten 30-minute tutorials that introduce various Force.com platform features. The Force.com Workbook tutorials are centered around building a very simple warehouse management system. You'll start developing the application from the bottom up; that is, you'll first build a database model for keeping track of merchandise. You'll continue by adding business logic: validation rules to ensure that there is enough stock, workflow to update inventory when something is sold, approvals to send email notifications for large invoice values, and trigger logic to update the prices in open invoices. Once the database and business logic are complete, you'll create a user interface to display a product inventory to staff, a public website to display a product catalog, and then the start of a simple store front. If you'd like to develop offline and integrate with the app, we've added a final tutorial to use Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com.
Force.com Workbook: HTML | PDF
Apex Workbook
Beginning programmers
The Apex Workbook introduces you to the Apex programming language through a set of tutorials. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Apex and how you can use it on the Force.com platform to add custom business logic through triggers, unit tests, scheduled Apex, batch Apex, REST Web services, and Visualforce controllers.
Apex Workbook: HTML | PDF
Salesforce Developers Apex Page
Beginning and advanced programmers
The Apex page on Salesforce Developers has links to several resources including articles about the Apex programming language. These resources provide a quick introduction to Apex and include best practices for Apex development.
Force.com Cookbook
Beginning and advanced programmers
This collaborative site provides many recipes for using the Web services API, developing Apex code, and creating Visualforce pages. The Force.com Cookbook helps developers become familiar with common Force.com programming techniques and best practices. You can read and comment on existing recipes, or submit your own recipes, at http://developer.force.com/cookbook.
Development Life Cycle: Enterprise Development on the Force.com Platform
Architects and advanced programmers
Whether you are an architect, administrator, developer, or manager, the Development Life Cycle Guide prepares you to undertake the development and release of complex applications on the Force.com platform.
Training Courses
Training classes are also available from Salesforce Training & Certification. You can find a complete list of courses at the Training & Certification site.
In This Book (Apex Developer's Guide)
Beginning programmers should look at the following:
In addition to the above, advanced programmers should look at:
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