Retrieves an ordered list of the objects in a user’s default global search scope.


DescribeSearchScopeOrderResult[] describeSearchScopeOrderResults = connection.describeSearchScopeOrder();


Use describeSearchScopeOrder() to retrieve an ordered list of objects in the default global search scope of a logged-in user. Global search keeps track of which objects the user interacts with and how often and arranges the search results accordingly. Objects used most frequently appear at the top of the list. The returned list reflects the object order in the user’s default search scope, including any pinned objects on the user’s search results page. This call is useful if you want to implement a custom search results page using the optimized global search scope.

You must enable Chatter to enable global search. For more information about global search, see Search Overview in the Salesforce online help.

Sample Code—Java

This sample shows how to retrieve the global search scope for a user and then iteratively display the name of each object in the scope.

public void describeSearchScopeOrderSample() { 
  try { 
    //Get the order of objects in search smart scope for the logged-in user
    DescribeSearchScopeOrderResult[] describeSearchScopeOrderResults = 
    //Iterate through the results and display the name of each object
    for (int i = 0; i < describeSearchScopeOrderResults.length; i++) { System.out.println(describeSearchScopeOrderResults[i].getName()); } } catch(ConnectionException ce) { ce.printStackTrace(); } }




An array of DescribeSearchScopeOrderResult objects



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