Person Account Record Types

Beginning with API version 8.0, a new family of record types on Account objects is available: “person account” record types. The person account record types enable specialized business-to-consumer functionality for those who sell to or do business with individuals. For example, a doctor, hairdresser, or real estate agent whose clients are individuals. For more information about person accounts, see “What Is a Person Account?” and “Person Account Behaviors” in the Salesforce online help.

Record types are person account record types if the Account field IsPersonAccount is set to true. Salesforce provides one default person account record type, PersonAccount, but an administrator can create additional person account record types. Conversely, record types with the Account field IsPersonAccount set to false are “business account” record types, which are traditional business-to-business (B2B) Salesforce accounts.

When a person account is created (or an existing business account is changed to a person account), a corresponding contact record is also created. This contact record is referred to as a “person contact.” The person contact enables the person account to function simultaneously as both an account and a contact. This is the one and only contact record that can be associated directly with the person account. Also, the ID of the corresponding person contact record is stored in the PersonContactId field on the person account.

Review this list of facts about person account record types before working with them.

For more information about person accounts, see the Salesforce online help.

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