Utility Calls

This topic describes API calls that your client applications can invoke to obtain the system timestamp, user information, and change user passwords.
For a list of general API calls, see Core Calls. For a list of describe calls, see Describe Calls.

The following table lists the API utility calls described in this topic:

Task / Call Description
getServerTimestamp() Retrieves the current system timestamp from the API.
getUserInfo() Retrieves personal information for the user associated with the current session.
resetPassword() Changes a user’s password to a system-generated value.
sendEmail() Immediately sends an email message.
sendEmailMessage() Immediately sends up to 10 draft email messages.
setPassword() Sets the specified user’s password to the specified value.


The samples in this section are based on the enterprise WSDL file. They assume that you have already imported the WSDL file and created a connection. To learn how to do so, see the Quick Start tutorial.

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