Try It Out: Add a Custom List Button to a Page Layout

Let's finish up our Mass Update Status feature by adding the Update Status list button to our Position page layouts.
  1. From Setup, click Create | Objects.
  2. Click Position.
  3. In the Page Layouts related list, click Edit next to the page layout you want to edit first.
  4. Click the wrench icon (Wrench icon) in the Job Application related list to edit its properties.
  5. In the Related List Properties window, click the Buttons bar at the bottom to expand the Buttons section.
    Custom Button Edit Page The Job Application related list properties page. The Buttons section is expanded.
Here we can specify the standard and custom buttons that the related list displays. The Update Status button we just created should appear in the Available Buttons list.
  1. Select the Update Status button and click Add to move it to the Selected Buttons list.
  2. Click OK to exit the Related List properties window.
  3. Click Save.

Repeat the above procedure for the other Position page layout.

We’re not going to enable this Visualforce page for Salesforce mobile apps. Since Salesforce1’s related lists don’t display buttons, our users won’t be able to access the Mass Update Status page from a mobile device.

Once that's done, the Mass Update Status feature is ready to test!

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