Try It Out: Create the Job Application Object

You should be a pro at this by now! To create our Job Application custom object, from Setup, click Create | Objects, click New Custom Object, and fill out the page according to the following table.

Table 1. Values for Defining the Job Application Object
Field Value
Label Job Application
Plural Label Job Applications
Object Name Job_Application
Description Represents a candidate's application to a position
Context-Sensitive Help Setting Open the standard Salesforce Help & Training window
Record Name Job Application Number
Data Type Auto Number
Display Format JA-{00000}
Starting Number 00001
Allow Reports Yes
Allow Activities Yes
Track Field History Yes
Deployment Status Deployed
Add Notes & Attachments related list to default page layout Yes
Launch New Custom Tab Wizard after saving this custom object Yes

To create the Job Applications tab, select a Tab Style in the first step of the wizard, and then accept all the defaults until you get to the Add to Custom Apps page. On this page, select only the Recruiting app, and then click Save.

We're now just a few custom fields away from linking the Job Application object with the Position and Candidate objects.

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