Associates a word or short phrase with an Event.

Supported Calls

Create(), Query(), Retrieve(), DescribeSObjects()


Field Field Type Field Properties Description
ItemId reference Create


ID of the tagged item.
Name string Create


Name of the tag. If this value does not already exist, a new TagDefinition is created and becomes the parent of this Tag object. Otherwise, a TagDefinition with the same name becomes the parent of this Tag object. Parent relationships are created automatically.
TagDefinitionId reference Filter ID of the parent TagDefinition object that owns the tag.
Type picklist Create


Restricted picklist

Defines the visibility of a tag. Possible value are:
  • Public: The tag can be viewed and manipulated by all users in an organization
  • Personal: The tag can be viewed or manipulated only by a user with a matching OwnerId


EventTag stores the relationship between its parent TagDefinition and the Event being tagged. Tag objects act as metadata, allowing users to describe and organize their data.

When a tag is deleted, its parent TagDefinition will also be deleted if the name is not being used; otherwise, the parent remains. Deleting a TagDefinition sends it to the recycle bin, along with any associated tag entries.

For more information on tags, see "About Tagging" in the Salesforce online help.

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