Analytics designed for the way you use Salesforce.

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Discover the technology that drives Wave Analytics.

  • Dynamic Visualization Engine

    Instantly crunch numbers from huge datasets, and slice and dice data any way you like. Then create compelling, colorful visualizations that will help your entire team unlock important answers.

  • Search-Based Engine

    Enjoy free-form navigation of structured or semistructured data. Now you can see the complete picture of your business and get dynamic answers on any device, without waiting on spreadsheets or data analysts.

  • Massively Parallel Infrastructure

    Next-gen technologies — like massively parallel processing, key-value pair data ingestion, and search-based exploration — allow you to move through data at unprecedented speed.

  • 100% Vertical Integration

    No more abstraction between you and the data you want to explore. Our end-to-end integrated offering means the visualization engine is the query index.

Sales Wave Analytics

“[Wave] can provide an edge in client meetings, and it’s made all the more powerful because it’s there whenever you need it, even on your smallest device.”


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