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Activate trusted generative AI in your organisation with accurate and relevant prompts grounded in your own data. Augment every business task by embedding generative experiences right in the flow of work.

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What can Prompt Builder do for your business?

Build trusted generative AI with ease.

Empower employees to finish tasks faster by building trusted, reusable prompts that summarise and generate content with clicks. Protect your data and promote safety and accuracy of results with data masking and zero data retention with the Einstein Trust Layer. See sample results filled with real CRM data when entered and refine prompts before deploying.

Enrich prompts with your data.

Get more accurate and relevant responses by grounding prompts with your own data or using the best LLM for the job. Infuse the prompt with the context it needs with CRM record data or harmonised engagement data from Data Cloud. Pull in data based on preset criteria and logic with Flow Builder. Safely ground prompts with external data by leveraging MuleSoft APIs or Apex. Choose from a list of supported LLMs with the flexibility to bring your own LLM in Prompt Builder.

Augment every business task.

Build prompt templates once and reuse them across the CRM to augment every business task with trusted generative AI. Customise out-of-the-box Salesforce prompts by grounding them with your own data. Enable single-click actions on record pages to generate summaries, descriptions, and other field values. Embed prompt templates in copilots and flows to infuse actions with prompt-generated content.

Build AI Powered Apps Fast on the Einstein 1 Platform

Maximise the power of your prompts by building custom AI powered apps on the Einstein 1 Platform. Use Prompt Builder, alongside our full suite of no code, low code, and pro code tools to activate generative AI right in the flow of work for any team across your organisation, from Finance and IT, to Legal, HR, and more. Build, test, and deploy your business solutions quickly, easily, and securely using modern DevOps on Salesforce.

Marissa Scalercio, VP of Sales Operations

Prompt Builder allows our team at Carnegie Learning to bring our CRM data into our prompts easily with no code! This helps us augment our business processes to cut down on service rep response, email outreach, and content generation time.

Marissa Scalercio
VP of Sales Operations, Carnegie Learning
Andrew Russo, Salesforce Architect, BACA Systems

Prompt Builder has allowed us to safely build generative AI experiences that save our users precious time, while still keeping our data secure and inside of our org.

Andrew Russo
Salesforce Architect, BACA Systems

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Prompt Builder FAQ

AI prompt builders help users create and refine prompts to get quality output from an LLM. Some of the typical features include the ability to write instructions, provide grounding data, configure LLM parameters, and test the prompt against an LLM. Salesforce's Prompt Builder uniquely secures user data, allows customers to build trusted prompts using clicks, and grounds the prompts with relevant CRM data.

In order to create an effective AI prompt, users need to provide the LLMs with a set of instructions AND relevant data for the LLMs to generate quality results. Some LLMs come with specific parameter settings that you can leverage to further enhance the prompt.

A prompt template is a reusable prompt. Prompt templates include placeholders for specific details about customers, products, and more. And once those placeholders are filled with real, relevant data, the filled-out prompt template allows generation of truly personalised results. Prompt templates help businesses generate unique, natural reading, data-driven output, in turn boosting productivity.